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New Prime Minister Immi .......?

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    New Prime Minister Immi .......?

    If my worst night mare happen to be true then Mr.Immi will be our New Prime minister.Wow that is some amazing progress.because now we are replacing two culprit with one.Thats all we experiment is about to begin.
    B.Bhutto X N.sharif = Imran Khan

    Now country will be democratic under a man who dictated and still dictate Cricket in Pakistan, because of Language and Race he kicked out & ruined careers for some of the best palyers in cricket history.Class mate of Benazir bhutto will serve a country now.ofcourse he feels for poor and opressed people thats why he built a cancer hospital.(by the way that was test for him to check his popularity beyond cricket).
    Last time i read news about him was" he got his hands on some ancient wooden hand crafted door in lahore,which happen to some centuries old,he took it and shipped it to England over night.don't know what he wanted out of that."
    so these are the people they can sell it good.i think he will do better job then BB and Nawaz Sharif in selling and since he has connection allover it will be easy for him to transfer money and keep assets under his wife name.

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    give me a break, we never understood whats good and whats wrong, we can make worst comments about any nice person without even knowing him.

    I cant see Imran as PM in near future as he has a support everywhere but lacks support in triditional Pakistan politics gurus. thats the only thing stopping him at the moment. I would like to vote for him. I dont want to try old faces with new setup ham khiyals

    I dont know anything he is right or wrong atleast he didnt left burdon on public of debts and loans and didnt steal anything from pak. and having a foriegn wife is a private matter atleast she will not be looting money like BB's Zardari cause she already has much.

    End is Begining!
    پاکستان پاکستان


      What's so special about him compared to others, apart from being a good cricketer?
      Why is that justification to lead the country?!!


        Ok so you hate just about everyone....

        Lets hear your choice then? Who do you want to see in power?


          because of Language and Race he kicked out & ruined careers for some of the best palyers in cricket history.

          Could you back this claim up?

          As far as I know, this man has nothing against any race -- now of course, he's a pathan...if that's what u have against him, as many do...

          He's not racist at all actually, he's done a lot of community work in the provinces of Punjab and Sindh as well as Pathan-land --- Balochistan is the only one I'm not sure of, but I'm sure he's dabbled a little bit there too. Moreover, his wife is a Brit -- how much more open-minded and non-racist can you be?

          I dont know too much about his cricket history, but could it not be possible that he was just standing up for what was right, by "ruining careers"? Who are u to judge his reasons by not providing any supportive evidence?
          I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


            since you don't know about him and his cricket activities, so please ...... !
            whole world knows how he kicked Qasim omar and what he did to Miandad.and i can keep go on and on.
            and some one claimed atleast he didn't looted like BB and Ns,well he never had a chance. now he is going to.and no i'm not against pathans at all.all i talk about is one pakistan and one Pakistani.
            about his wife !its not personal matter.anyone who is public figure lost his privacy.if he likes his privacy then keep the old lady home, don't collect votes among women and don't represent him self as liberal because he is dictaotr.(thats what he did in cricket).
            ask anyone when he hit a 12 yrs old kid with bat and broke his leg in karachi ground in late eighties, all that poor kid wanted was an autograph.ask anyone when Ns was Cm in panjab and he wanted to play with Imran khan in some ground they met he laughed and refused to talk to him.and walked out. so please do your homework before you jump in this pool.


              Whats this about him breaking a kids leg?!!!
              For real?!!!


                Yes i don't exactly remember when and what year it was but you can ask anyone who is in 30's and interested to cricket.they would definetly remember.that kid sneak in the ground while he was playing and ran to him he hit him with bat and broke his leg.he appologise next day and said he got panic and throw the bat with out noticing who was coming at him.newspaper were all over but you know people like him got connections.

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                    JZ, I agree he was arrogant i also met him and he also admit that now that Achison and Oxford made him arrogant and he never has mixed with ordinary people until he was compaigning for hospital because that what is tought in achison that they are elite.

                    That changed him he admit he was mixed up with western culture and after doing that he is back to roots and actualised himself and he says that was wrong what he has done before.

                    but leadership do need strictness I guess. but I found him very nice and sincere person. its your choice to chose him or not and he is not becomming PM anyway this october.

                    End is Begining!
                    پاکستان پاکستان