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US troops enetred Pakistan from Afghanistan in Peshawar region

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    Which country accepted the largest number of Afghan refugees? Not because it wanted to but because people consider the Afghans as brothers?


      Im all for it


        A lot of the misguided youth of Pakistan who got taken in by the fiery speechs of the greedy and ignorant Mullahs and marched off to their death and hell in prisons in Afghanistan were from panjab. So it is not only the Pushtun youth who were exploited. Yes ISI needs to be controlled, and I hope Mush & Co. do it soon. The first person I would put up for Trial is Gen. Gul Hamid (Retd.)!


          Originally posted by mAd_ScIeNtIsT:
          When Soviet planes tried to attack Pakistan, they were intercepted by the PAF. They would not fly low enough to be hit by the Afghans except when they were actually attacking Afghan positions.

          You claim that the Afghans defended Pakistan from communist planes is clearly false. It is well known that 8 Afghanistani planes (of which some had Afghan pilots and others had Russian pilots) crossed the border during the period 1986-1988, forcing Pakistani fighters to shoot them down.

          Also bear in mind that the Afghans who did succeed in shooting down Soviet planes were only able to do so because Pakistan provided them with extensive training in how to service and use anti-aircraft ordance. Before Pakistan provided such assistance, Soviet aerial losses were minimal.

          i would like to clear up some false stories here. Firstly if u read what those afghan planes were. They were not of the mujahideen but of the communist-afghan russians with whom the mujahideen were fighting. how the hell could they have aircrafts when they didnt even had 2 meals a day. And now the very same communist are the defense minister of afghanistan who killed thousand pakistanis, burned them with kerosene oil, shot people with RPG rounds and shot men at their balls(This really happened) and let them bled to death, and with whom musharraf embraced when he went to afghanistan to kiss their a$$.


            Originally posted by PyariCgudia:
            I'm glad those Amrikan troops are in Peshawar now...a great deal of the socio-political fanatics who love to advocate violence in the name of Islam are doing their business there.

            See this is what i'm saying, if the Pakistani govt had not economically and culturally ignored hot spots like these for anti-western (in reality anti-upper class) sentiments, then Pakistan may not be facing a rep as a terrorist country, despite all of Mushi's running around.
            i dont get it why do american pakistanis, try to interefere in pakistan internal matters and support that american soldiers are going into soverign countries is a good thought, not understanding what would be the aftermath of those steps. u people should learn lesson from american support of Bin laden/jihadis in afghanistan.

            how would the locals react to the coming of strangers in their region which they never lost to invaders for thousands of years.... cmon soverignty is a lot dearer to us, rather than the rest of pakistanis.

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              the british raj is dead for 50 years the people of sub continent faught and got rid of them.

              Now i am amazed people are welcoming the american Raj.

              You people have no honour if you think america is coming to rescue you. they are simply in pakistan for there own benefit. No part of pakistani society is untouched by americas agenda the airports, education system, economics etc.

              Pakistan without shadow of doubt pakistan is slave nation.

              If you want example of how america repays pakistan go check america where a lot of the pakistani people have been arressted and treated worse than caged animals for simply having brown skin. This your reward for obeying americas wishes.


                Please try to place things in historical perspective. I know it is difficult when 60% of Pakistanis are under the age of 17, and Pakistan Government has never allowed an honest and open appraisal of history. Pakistan did not get under $40 Billion external debt overnight. Civilian and Military governments are both responsible for the mess. America is not responsible for Pakistan's welfare. Pakistani people are, and their Government has not cared two hoots for them so far. In the Past America has taken advantage of Pakistan, probably even encourage corrupt Generals to rule the roost and looked the other way when they carried out policies which were not in the best interest of Pakistan. I am an American of Pakistani Descent, and I get very angry when I see how miserably inept and stupid Pakistani leaders have been, and how they have lied to and cheated the Pakistani people. I know many other Americans who are originally from Pakistan who will tell you similar things. I can assure you that no one has mistreated me here in USA and I do not know of any other "brown people" who have been mistreated. I have heard anecdotal incidences about discrimination right after 9/11. There were incidences of real harassment and physical harm (including murder) by stupid ignorants right after 9/11. These case were well publicised and the local authorities came down hard on the nuts. There is nothing like what I saw first hand in Pakistan how people who disagree with the authorities are treated. I say all this because I genuinely want Pakistan to prosper, and the first thing Pakistanis have to do is to learn to tell the historical truth to themselves, and stop blaming everyone else so much.


                  For those Pakistanis who are being taken "andhar" by American police and treated might be talking of Guantanamo Bay...if not lemme know.

                  I have heard of a few Pakistanis who got picked up from south Florida, but that was becuz all of them (that i knew of at least) had been involved in plotting - one i think was about to plow up some nuclear or energy plant out here , and the other was a mullah who was trying to turn American Muslims ag/America while enjoying an American life. My point is, that if you're going to act stupid, you are going to face the consequences regardless of what religion you are. I'm sorry how you feel, but you can ask God the next time you pray how many many muslims will not make it to heaven. Heck, you dont even need to ask. Use your mind and look around at how many are pure and real muslims. Then blame Amrika for the havoc its caused in the Muslim world, including countries like Pakistan.
                  I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


                    I'm really disaponted here, specially from people who think US-troops are here for our benifit and doing our job..... oh God! forgive us.

                    What u ppl think is this really a matter of mullahs, extreamism and al-quida only.

                    I'm not the supporter of any mullah or religious extreamism but yes as a Pakistani I will prefer these brothers over forign-troops. Atleast these of my brothers were not against our Nuclear programe but shared that great achivement with us, they are not from them who support anti-islamic forces in world like Israel. They were not amoung those who broke Muslim Unity (saltnat-e-Usmania) in 1923. they are not who support India against us.

                    Afghanistan was not a danger for US, in my view it was only an excuse for USA to be here in this region, the danger was Pakistan as being only high-tech muslim nation which could build Nuclear Bomb and long range missiles. The other danger for USA is China. And now using the new buzzword of 'war against terror' they are here. Our nuclear and high-tech installations are in their targets now. I afraid to say 'war against terror' was a trap for Pakistanies and we are now trapped as they palaned. Now we cant take any step which is in favor of Pakistan but in some way against USA. If some of you is not ready to believe me, take an example of whats happening in Palestine and coldest reaction from pakistan over it. A country like Saudi-Arabia is taking stand on this issue knoing that USA is not liking her act; and we the strong supporter of palestine since 1948, is scilence on this issue. Its a big sign for those who have vision to think.

                    This was the time to lead muslim-ummah, but unfortunately we are trapped.

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                      I would comment, but really don't know what to say, other than some people in here, are really hard core.

                      Hope for the best, prepare for the worst!!!


                        Originally posted by bcsm57:
                        I would comment, but really don't know what to say, other than some people in here, are really hard core.

                        brenda welcome to south asia


                          This nation has earned to live like a slave, not from pragmatism but from conviction.
                          Thats even below the rock bottom. Its unworldly disgusting.

                          Thus, spake the Sword...