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Musharraf: US Troops Are In Pakistan

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    Musharraf: US Troops Are In Pakistan

    Hunt For Bin Laden

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan- Pakistan's president confirmed that U.S. soldiers are operating with his troops in the hunt for al-Qaida fugitives in the rugged area on the Afghan border, but said in comments published Monday that the American force is small.

    President Pervez Musharraf's comments followed sightings of U.S. personnel by tribesmen and religious leaders in the area, as well as word from American and Pakistani officials last week that a joint hunt for followers of Osama bin Laden was under way in the region.

    "Americans, not even in double figures, are with us," Musharraf was quoted as saying by The Nation and other national dailies at a meeting with editors in the southern port city of Karachi. "They are communications experts and are ensuring links between our forces and the U.S. forces cooperating in Afghanistan."

    Tribal areas lie west of the capital, Islamabad, just on the Pakistan side of the border with Afghanistan's Paktia and Paktika provinces, where U.S. and allied forces have been stepping up their hunt for Taliban and al-Qaida hiding in the remote, mountainous region.

    The border area is a traditional stronghold for bin Laden, the Saudi exile who heads al-Qaida, and his followers fleeing the U.S.-led anti-terror campaign in Afghanistan. The Pakistani army usually treads lightly in the tribal regions on its side of the border.

    The reports of U.S. forces chasing al-Qaida inside Pakistan bolsters critics who accuse Musharraf of being too cozy with Washington because of his strong backing of the anti-terror campaign. News of U.S. involvement led to protests Saturday by clerics who wield considerable influence in the region.

    Seeking to mollify critics, Musharraf said the Americans were not in a combat role.

    "There are some officials for communication purposes, but they are not fighting," he said.

    Tribal elders and Muslim clerics on Saturday said U.S. forces and Pakistani troops searched an Islamic school in a region near the Afghan border. Their comments were the first reliable reports of American troops spotted by people in the area.

    Maulvi Abdul Hafeez, a prominent cleric in Mir Ali, about 200 miles southwest of Peshawar, said no one was in the building, set up by prominent Taliban leader Jalaluddin Haqqani during the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

    U.S. officials say Haqqani, the Taliban's former minister of frontier affairs, has been supporting efforts by al-Qaida and Taliban fighters intent on regrouping.

    Before the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan, Haqqani ruled much of Paktia province and consented to bin Laden's construction of training camps there.

    A U.S. defense official who spoke on condition of anonymity said U.S. troops would be sent in if reconnaissance were to find any fighters in the region

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    So whats new??? they been there since october 2001


      Originally posted by clubber lang:
      So whats new??? they been there since october 2001
      Who? American Troops. Nah!

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        In addition to reconnaissance operations in Pakistan by covert US military units, the paper said, Washington "also has warplanes, special operations troops and regular forces at four Pakistani military bases."


          Dhir I was referring to FATA area, where Central Govt. of Pakistan doesn't have much control. My mistake I didn't clarify that

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            US troops in pakistan since day one.

            American troops have been using pakistan as a base months ago.

            Whats new about this news that US troops in pakistan. It the new slave of america and will become redundant and useless once america has destroyed it from the inside.


              I guess the choice had to be made. Should Pakistan have waited and be destroyed from the inside by the nutcases or take a chance upon using American anger to clean house? I think Mush. chose wisely.



                i think you have a dislike of anything islamic because you portray anyone with inclination towards islam as mad mullahs, terrorist, fundamentalists this is language of the kuffar.

                Now either you are with the kuffar americans or you with the muslims there is no in between choice.

                America will not benefit pakistan in anyway, the money america gave to pakistan is only 6 weeks of debt relief. As another example during gulf war America forgave Egyptian debt of $7billion today the egyptian economy is in a pathetic state. It is the capitalistic policies that destroy nations like egypt and pakistan not there resources because all these countries pakistan, egypt and turkey as example are all self sufficent.

                The support to America by musharraf has added instability of its own to Pakistan. This is seen openly in the form of the numerous protests and also in Musharraf’s army reshuffle, where pro-Islamic generals were sidelined for more secular types. Some commentators have even said his actions could split the army along secular and Islamic lines, while others have said that it may even lead to a civil war.


                  Thats true about his ataistic nature. there is a loads of friction between the wine glass shakers and the prayer beads shaker genrals in the army. but i doubt that army would be polarised.


                    ak47: No i do not have a dislike of anything islamic. I am an american of Pakistani origin. I have replied to reza khan in a separate thread trying to separate the Pakistani leaders and the Pakistani people. Yes America's first and foremost interest is America. I think that is the way it should be. American leaders are closely tied to the American people. It is not their job to see to the welfare of Egypt or Pakistan. That is the job of the people and leaders of Egypt and pakistan. Unfortunately, Pakistan leaders have not been very wise people in the past and have led the country into the mess it finds itself in. At this stage, Pakistan does not have much of a choice. Afghanistan's infrastructure had been totally destroyed over the last 20 years of fighting. Pakistan could not and can not afford to fight US and Europe openly. Mush did not have a choice. He made the only choice he could.
                    However, I have been called a hindu, a jew, a christian, an apostate by others on this forum because I do not agree with the commonly held beliefs of some subscribers to this site. I do find that there are other Pakistanis that I agree with and who seem to agree with me.

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                      Originally posted by OldLahori:
                      ak47: At this stage, Pakistan does not have much of a choice. Afghanistan's infrastructure had been totally destroyed over the last 20 years of fighting. Pakistan could not and can not afford to fight US and Europe openly. Mush did not have a choice. He made the only choice he could.

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                      You allways have a choice. Mushy had a choise and he choosed to support and invite americans on pakistani soil to kill and hunt muslims. He freely gave up the sovereignity of Pakistan.
                      All that because Mushy and people like you feels that their was no other opportunity.
                      Thats simply not true. Allah very clearcly says in the Quraan that the Yahud and Nasara would never be your friends.
                      What Mushy have done/doing is directly against the teachings of Islam, therefor he is not even intitled to call himself a muslim. He has invited kafirs to come to Pakistan and kill muslims, that is a clear proof.
                      A true muslim dont fear anything eccept Allah. To fear what america can do to you is shirk.
                      You and Mushy obviously are more afraid of the americans than Allah. When you and Mushy dies then ask americans for help because nobody else would be their to help you.