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Who is telling the truth?(Plz dont delete the post)

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    Who is telling the truth?(Plz dont delete the post)

    Pakistan has denied reports that US special forces or military advisers were hunting Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters in sensitive tribal areas.

    This is not true, there is no new development

    Pakistan foreign ministry official

    The statement followed a report in the Washington Post on Thursday which said that covert US military units using aerial support and four Pakistani bases were working along the Pakistani frontier in recent weeks.

    The paper said Islamabad had asked Washington to keep the mission a secret.

    Denying the report a Pakistan foreign ministry official told AFP news agency, "we agreed to intelligence sharing with the US authorities but that does not mean Pakistani agencies would operate under the guidance of any foreign advisers".


    Another American daily, the New York Times, on Wednesday said Washington had reached an agreement with Islamabad to send US advisers into tribal areas with Pakistani troops.

    Pakistan denies joint combat operations

    It said the deal followed the arrest of a senior al-Qaeda leader, Abu Zubaydah, during a raid in the Pakistani city of Faisalabad last month.

    It said several documents were also seized during the raid which indicated that Taleban and al-Qaeda fighters were regrouping in the tribal areas along the Afghan-Pakistan border.

    However, the Pakistani spokesman said there had been no operations involving foreign personnel on Pakistani soil.

    "There is no operation going on anywhere in which foreign officials would be advising Pakistanis", he said.

    Islamabad has offered its full support to the US-led war in Afghanistan, but has refused to allow foreign troops to launch combat operations from its territory.

    On the other hand

    WASHINGTON U.S. Special Forces are fighting Al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan and are searching for pockets of militants along the border of Afghanistan, Fox News has confirmed.

    Small groups of U.S. soldiers based on the Afghan side of the border have been attacked several times a week over the last month and have been in several firefights with Al Qaeda militants, The Washington Post reported in Thursday's edition, citing unidentified U.S. military officials.

    No Americans have been killed, but some have been wounded, the Post reported.

    U.S. forces have found only small pockets of Al Qaeda forces since the end of a weeklong ground and air assault in the Shah-e-Kot valley south of Kabul, the Afghan capital. Since then, the military has been quiet on whether U.S. forces are operating in Pakistan, where many Al Qaeda fighters are believed to have fled.

    In the Afghan regions, members of the Special Forces and Delta Force have been deliberately exposing themselves to attack to draw out the small pockets of Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters believed to be hiding in the border area, the Post said, citing military officials.

    U.S. officials earlier had said the Pentagon was considering sending U.S. advisers to work with Pakistani troops in the pursuit of enemy fighters in Pakistan.

    A senior administration official said it was his understanding that an agreement may already have been reached, but another official said the two countries had not yet reached that point.

    Asked about a New York Times report that an agreement has been reached, Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke declined comment except to say that Pakistan has been very helpful in the war on terrorism.

    "The cooperation continues to get better and better all the time," she said.

    At issue is a strategy to deal with hundreds of Al Qaeda and Taliban militants who are believed to have taken refuge in a lawless region near the Afghan border.

    One official said Pakistan, concerned about public opinion, was reluctant to acknowledge contacts with the United States about joint military cooperation in tracking down terrorists.

    He noted that Pakistani authorities traditionally have been reluctant to engage in law enforcement activities in the area, preferring to leave policing to local tribal authorities.

    Pentagon officials have indicated for months that they think it is unlikely that Pakistan would agree to joint military operations in pursuit of suspected terrorists inside Pakistan, and some have said they believe it would be unwise because of a likely political backlash.

    The approach taken by Gen. Tommy Franks, the U.S. commander of the war in Afghanistan, has been to coordinate and consult with the Pakistani military in pursuing Al Qaeda fugitives, but to let the Pakistani authorities carry out the operations.

    The main U.S. role has been in providing intelligence and law enforcement support, rather than direct military involvement,2933,51109,00.html

    I would like to know who is telling the truth here?????

    [This message has been edited by reza khan (edited April 25, 2002).]

    Get your news from more than one source and make your best judgement from that vantage point. Which is more probable?


      Double Faces of American & Pakistani Media, eh!

      Take Your Best Shot At Me


        Originally posted by Pakistani Tiger:
        Double Faces of American & Pakistani Media, eh!

        Take Your Best Shot At Me
        May be double face of Pak and American Governments.


          Originally posted by reza khan:
          May be double face of Pak and American Governments.
          Good Guess Reza

          Play Your Game - Guess My Motto


            Whose think tank is


              Many US papers are saying that US troops are in Pak but its a sensitive topic.

              This UPI report is good.

              Pakistani security officials confirmed Friday that the U.S. military is engaged in an operation against fugitive al Qaida fighters inside its borders -- but say they intend to try and keep the mission quiet to avoid political unrest among the area's fiercely independent Islamic tribes.

              "We believe the entire operation can be conducted quietly," a senior government official who did not want to be identified told United Press International. "We do not want to start a rebellion in the tribal zone."
              Many other papers say US troops are in Pak.

              BTW, SAAG is an Indian Research group run by an ex RAW official.


                I think they are working together. I see this as a very very good thing... Although its risky, since so many people would be on the steeets if this came out in public, its commendable the govt has been able to keep it under raps, and the populus calm.


                  Originally posted by TOMASSO:
                  Whose think tank is



                    so now we know who lied.