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    My husband had been working in a very mega automomous body in Karachi where there were about 4000 employees and many sections. In the annual report of one assistant level employee the chief of said department always remarked the said employee "Excellent" in columns of work, behaviour, initiative, dedication, honesty, profesionalism etc.

    When a new Managing Director who was a uniformed person took charge and read personal files of all employees, he remarked on file of the said employee that services of such an excellent able person are since for the last 10/12 years been retained by only one department. He be immediately transferred to another department which department was not working properly so the abilities of this employee may be utilised in that other department to improve it. The officer in charge of the department where the said assistant was transferred in the very next annual report termed the said employee "below average" in professionalism, knowledge, behavour, work etc.

    For quite a good time we the citizens had been learning or were being told at least in press that PIA was running in huge losses in as much as recently as per a news item about two months back thegovernment had to give more funds amounting to 11 Billion out of the exchequere of this debit ridden nation to this autonomous body. From Islamabad dateline 9.4.2002 a news item has now appeared that according to a press release issued after a PIA meeting chaired by Secretary Finance MD PIA told the meeting that during these 3 months PIA has earned a profit of 1 arb 23 crores.
    What is the "giddar singhee" which has turned an organisation in-red just in such a short span of time miracly in so huge profits? Why not such nice able people who created this miracle be posted in such other organisations which are in red so presence of these highly able people may turn those lossing running organisations into profit earnings too.

    The other day talking with Daily Nawai-e-Waqt {10 March 2002] Chairman Pakistan Steel Mills stated that Pakistan Steel has for the "FIRST TIME" turned into a profit earning organisation. Here wording "FIRST TIME" needed to be rnoted and to recollect the memories that for the last 5/6 years word "steel mill having turned NOW in profits" has many a times been heard.

    25 April 2002


    What are you trying to say? Can you please be more specific?