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Azerbaijan & Pakistan Sign Cooperation Protocol

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  • Nadirali
    Re: Azerbaijan & Pakistan Sign Cooperation Protocol

    By the way here's an article regarding fueds between people working in the aviation industry of both Pakistan & Azerbaijan

    Azerbaijan halts
    air services to,
    from Karachi:
    row with agent
    KARACHI: The state concern Azerbaijan Hava Yollari (Azerbaijan Airlines - AZAL) has decided to suspend its Baku-Karachi-Bakuflights from Sept 1 following a dispute with their General Sales Agent (GSA) in Pakistan.
    As a consequence, in accordance with the provisions of air service agreement between Azerbaijan and Pakistan, the State concern AZAL, exercising its right, has ordered suspension of scheduled flights of Pakistan International Airlines - Karachi-Baku-Karachi from the same date.
    The decision of AZAL will badly hit Pakistan's exports of leather goods, garments and shoes to Azerbaijan and other Central Asian Republics as is evident from the cargo figures collected from different sources.
    AZAL had carried a total of 4,58,470 kg cargo from Karachi to Baku during the first six months of this year, i.e. Jan-July. Monthwise study shows that the export of consumer goods and value-added items had been picking up at a fast pace. In January last AZAL had lifted 30887 kg cargo from Pakistan and in July it surged to 121637 kg.
    The AZAL possesses the resources and has the capacity to handle increased cargo and passenger traffic between Azerbaijan and Pakistan but it is not working to its full strength because it has to operate through the official assignee, and the Country Manager and other staff of AZAL have been lying almost redundant.
    Prior to commencing its flights to Karachi, AZAL had appointed M/s Haseeb Express, Travel Agents and Tour Operators based at Islamabad as their General Sales Agents for Pakistan.
    In April 1995, in accordance with the agreements between the two governments, Gasan Kafarov was appointed AZAL's Country General Manager in Pakistan.
    However, a dispute arose between Haseeb Express and AZAL on the question of actual cargo weight that was being loaded on the aircraft. A suit was filed by Haseeb Express in the High Court of Sindh in November 1995 which granted status quo and appointed an official assignee as receiver and handed over the airline's business and finances to him. He is running the AZAL affairs since November 30, 1995.
    AZAL operates twice weekly services on Baku-Karachi-Baku sector using 160 seater TU-154 and one Boeing 707, which is an all cargo flight. PIA has only one weekly Boeing 737 flight between Karachi-Baku-Karachi.
    Djangir Askerov, Director General of the State Concern of Civil Aviation, Azerbaijan Airlines, and Adalyat B. Aliev, Director General of the State Concern, Azerbaijan Hava Yollari, in separate letters to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Pakistan's Secretary Ministry of Defence, have informed them about the decision to suspend the AZAL flights.
    Djangir Askerov has also written a separate letter to the Director General, Pakistan International Airlines, which reads as follows: (Copies of this letter have also been sent to the Director General, CAA, Karachi and Ambassador of Pakistan in Azerbaijan):
    "Hereby we wish to bring to your notice that since December 1995 and till now activities of Representation of State Concern "AZAL" in Pakistan have been suspended which as we understand contradicts the provisions of Agreement between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Government of Azerbaijan relating to air services signed on 17.02.93.
    This situation has been created due to continuous court hearings of legal claim of former General Sales Agent of "AZAL" in Pakistan "Haseeb Express Limited" to "AZAL" soon after "AZAL's" notice of termination of GSA Agreement in accordance with provisions of article 15 of this Agreement.
    We applied several times for the assistance of the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan as well as Secretary of the Defence Ministry of Pakistan and the Embassy of Pakistan in Azerbaijan Republic in resolving the dispute at governmental levels. However, court hearings of the claim are being continued. Except this in reality Representation of "AZAL" in Pakistan runs its duties under Official Assignee of the Court, tickets sales have been suspended and all revenue from cargo and excess baggage sales is being deposited on court's account which results in heavy losses to "AZAL".
    In view of the above the Management of the State Concern "AZAL" has decided with effective from 01.09.96 until further notice to suspend our scheduled flights Baku-Karachi-Baku.
    In accordance with provisions of Air Service Agreement the State Concern "AZAL" reserves the right also to suspend scheduled flights of "Pakistan International Airlines" Karachi-Baku-Karachi with effective from the 01.09.96 until the disputed issue has been resolved at the governmental levels.
    I wish to express my true regret in this connection and hope to get your favourable attention and understanding".

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  • Nadirali
    Re: Azerbaijan & Pakistan Sign Cooperation Protocol

    Well I support Pakistan's growing relations with Azerbaijan. Both countries have good relations with Turkiye and there has been some mixing between Azerbaijanis & people of south asia. In some Pakistan and some of Northern India. Infact my grandmothers great grandfather Azerbaijani.

    Aside from that Azerbaijan has alot of energy that it can supply Pakistan with.

    But Pakistan's invlovlement in the Karabakh conflict is silly. I mean it's none of our buisness. This is blind support simply cause Azerbaijan is also Islamic.

    Armenians have their claims on territory they say was histircally theirs. I think we should stay out of other peoples politcial affairs if we are to give a good impression to the world.

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  • Pakistani Tiger
    started a topic Azerbaijan & Pakistan Sign Cooperation Protocol

    Azerbaijan & Pakistan Sign Cooperation Protocol

    Wonderful News. Keep the expansion of political, diplomatic, military and trade ties rollin.........
    • Source: (PNS)

      Baku, April 15, 2002. (CNA). Today, the Azerbaijani Defence Minister Safar Abiyev met Pakistani Defence Secretary Lt-Gen Hamid Nawaz Khan and discussed bilateral cooperation in military sphere, methods in the joint struggle against terrorism and other issues. According to the Azeri Minister as a result of meetings between Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev and Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf five Azerbaijani servicemen were now being educated and trained in Pakistan's higher military schools. Other 19 Azerbaijani officers will be sent to Pakistan. Moreover, a draft interstate agreement on cooperation between the Azerbaijani and Pakistani armed forces was being worked out.

      In turn, Nawaz Khan said that Islamabad constantly supported Baku on the Nagornyy Karabakh issue. In his turn the Azeri official expressed Azerbaijan's support to Pakistan in Kashmir's problem.

      A protocol on bilateral cooperation in the defence and military spheres between the Azerbaijani and Pakistani defence ministries was signed as a result of the talks.