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China and Pakistan sign Gwadur port construction pact

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    China and Pakistan sign Gwadur port construction pact

    Now finally we have the signatures of China and Pakistan to start the construction of Gwadur port. Great China will contribute a massive $198 million just to the first phase, and hundreds of millions no doubt for the later phases. It will also means thousands of new jobs for the locals of this part of Balochistan.

    Gwadar port pact signed

    Pakistan and China signed a comprehensive agreement here on Friday, finalizing technical details for the construction of the first phase of Gwadar port. "This is the final agreement and also a go-ahead signal to formally undertake the construction this month," a senior official of the Chinese government told APP. The first phase will cost $248 million, of which $198 million will be contributed by the Chinese government. The project will be completed within three years.

    According to the sources, President Pervez Musharraf will inaugurate the construction on March 23. The Chinese Vice Prime Minister, Wu Bangguo, who is scheduled to arrive in Islamabad on March 21, will represent the Chinese side at the inauguration ceremony. The agreement was reached after negotiations held between the Secretary Communications, Iftikhar Rashid, and the Chinese government officials. According to the agreement, the two countries will jointly supervise the construction work ensuring quality and its timely completion. "Consultants will be appointed from both the sides for this purpose," the sources added. It was also agreed that the manpower, to be engaged in the construction will be employed from among the local residents. However, the Chinese government will provide the services of technical experts. The agreement envisages technical details of the construction, including the design and its layout. The first phase includes development of 15.5 metres channel draining draft, construction of three berths and approach channel. The second phase to be undertaken in 2005, includes channel draining draft to a level of 20 metres with a capacity of receiving an oil carrier having capacity of 20 to 30 million tons of oil, bulk terminal and terminal construction.

    China Harbour Engineering Company Group (CHEC) will undertake the construction. The company has a wide experience in the construction of ports and bridges and has completed many big domestic and international projects of bridges, highways and airports.

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    Great news indeed, i have heard that the port may someday turn Gawadar into the Pakistani Dubai...


      This will open up three areas of the world.

      ie open up China to middle east and vice-versa.

      Open up central asia

      Open up Pakistan to the world.

      And last but not least a new naval base that will mean in a war all petroleum products will have to pass our subs to get to indus



        good news;



          Musharraf opens construction of Gwadar port today.

          Report suggested that the Central Asian states had also shown their keen interest to use the Gwadar port for their exports and imports.

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            It's been finally launched.


            $248m Gwadar port launched

            President General Pervez Musharraf has said the Gwadar deep seaport project will further strengthen the strong relations between Pakistan and China. "It will serve as a hub of trade and commercial activities in the region, besides causing economic development in the western and northern areas of the country," President Musharraf said while speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Gwadar deep seaport project, some 470 km from Karachi. Vice Premier of Peoples Republic of China He Wu Bang Guo, Governor Balochistan Amirul Mulk Mengal, Corps Commander Lt-Gen A Qadir Baloch, Federal Information Minister Nisar A Memon, Education Minister Zobaida Jalal, Health Minister Dr Abdul Malik Kasi, Minister for Minorities SK Tressler and Nazim Gwadar Babo Gulab were also present on the occasion.

            He said it is a historical day for Balochistan, particularly for the Gwadar city, as the work on the mega project has begun with the cooperation of China. Located at the mouth of the Persian Gulf as well as at the juncture of traditional trade routes, the Gwadar port would cause worthwhile trade activity, he said, adding that it would provide an alternative access to exports and imports to the people of the country. It would provide latest facilities for cargo vessels in line with modern ports, he added.

            The president observed that the development of industrial zones in the port area would create employment opportunities and bring in private investment. "This also manifests government's commitment to develop the underdeveloped areas of the country," he said, adding: "We intend to build export processing zones and free trade areas to maximise the potential of the Gwadar port."

            Pointing towards a banner displayed behind the dais describing the Pak-China friendship journey from Karakoram to Gwadar, President Musharraf said that the banner "depicts very truly that the two countries enjoy strong relationship." He said he wished to see that relationship reaching new heights and vowed to do everything for its strengthening.Regarding coastal highway project, he said that it had a vital significance especially in the wake of Pakistan's efforts to have economic ties with the central Asian states. "The coastal highway is being constructed simultaneously with the port, which will provide a very healthy link between the Karachi and Gwadar ports," he added.

            He enumerated various projects, which are being completed or will be completed in Balochistan with the cooperation of the federal government including that of Mirani Dam and Kachi Canal project. He added that the Saindak copper project was also being revived with the cooperation of China. These projects would ultimately change the fate of people of the province and usher in an era of economic development and prosperity. The president announced the regularisation of the services of 55 employees, working on the Gwadar port right from the first day of the project. He, however, urged the Nazims of the province to encourage the youth to attain technical education and training.

            President Musharraf said that thousands of people would get jobs with the start of work on the port. He said that the people of Gawadar, Turbat, Panjgur, Pasni and Ormara towns would get jobs in the construction of this project on priority basis. "They will be given preference. They will be provided training in various trades to be able to work on this project," he added. "We are going to open up technical training centres in the area to provide training to the people in various categories. If you want to take full advantage of the Gwadar port, you will have to equip yourself with education, or you would be left behind," he stressed.

            Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Vice Premier Wu Bang Guo said: "The project is another milestone in the history of friendship between China and Pakistan." He said that the Gwadar port project would no doubt boost the economic activity in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan. He assured that the Chinese government would provide all possible help for the accomplishment of the project. The Chinese government had sent a highly-trained team with technology and equipment to complete the project and its design. Highlighting the importance of the project, Federal Minister for Railways and Communications Javed Asharaf Qazi said: "Gwadar is ideally located and the construction of the port there will facilitate industry in this part of the country." He said that the port would be constructed in two phases. Balochistan Governor Justice (retd) Amirul Mulk Mengal also spoke on the occasion and claimed that the present government had put the province on the track of development by ensuring implementation on mega projects like Gwadar port, Merani dam, coastal highways and revival of Saindak copper project. These projects would change the fate of the people of Balochistan, he added. In his welcome address, Gwadar Nazim Babo Gulab highlighted the problems facing the people of the area. He demanded of the government to ensure smooth supply of the electricity to the residents of Gwadar.

            APP adds: Later, President General Pervez Musharraf, along with the Chinese Vice Premier Wu Bang Guo, laid the foundation stone of the Gawadar deep seaport project at a simple but befitting ceremony. The total cost of the projects is $248 million, $50 million of which would be funded by Pakistan while the rest would be the Chinese grant and commercial loan for the phase.The project would to be completed in three years. The phase-I includes construction of three berths with a depth of 12.5 meters and approach channels. Initially these berths would be used for general cargo. The second phase would include 21 berths.

            Pakistan and China signed a comprehensive agreement finalising technical and financial details for the construction of Gwadar seaport on March 15. The agreement was signed after detailed negotiations held between the Secretary Communications Iftikhar Rashid and senior Chinese government officials in Beijing. The two countries would jointly supervise the construction work ensuring quality and timely completion and the consultants would be appointed from both the sides for this purpose. The agreement envisages technical details of the construction, including the design and its layout. China Harbor Engineering Company Group (CHEC) will undertake the construction work. Under the agreement, Pakistani and Chinese firms would be eligible to offer bids for buildings and road construction contracts.

            The 32-member delegation of China led by Vice Premier Wu Bang Guo, includes Communications Minister Huang Zhendong, Deputy Secretary General of the State Cabinet You Guang, Vice Foreign Minister Zhou Wanzhong, Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Affairs Madam Ma Xiuhong, Deputy Governor Exim Bank of China Zhu Hongjie and President of China Harbour Construction Corporation Liu Huiyuan. It also includes a four-member media delegation, besides other high-officials and technical experts.


              Another interesting article from the peoples daily China, about the Pak/Chinese Gwadar Project.

              Foundation Stone of Pakistan's Gwadar Deep Sea Port Project Laid

              Last updated at: (Beijing Time) Saturday, March 23, 2002

              Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and visiting Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Bangguo laid the foundation stone of the Gwadar deep sea-port project at a ceremony Friday in Gwadar.

              Speaking in the ceremony, They expressed congratulations to each other for the smooth inauguration of the project.

              Wu banguo said that the embarkation on the Gwadar Port project would, beyond any doubt, boost the national economy of Pakistan, especially in its western part, and contribute to its national-building endeavors.

              He was of the view that the construction of the port would become another hallmark epitomizing the Sino-Pakistani friendship.

              Wu Banguo said that China and Pakistan are close friends and neighbor.

              He stressed, "The Chinese government cherishes very much its friendship and cooperation with Pakistan. We are highly appreciative that the Pakistani government values its relations with China to which it has contributed vigorous efforts."

              Wu Bangguo pledged that China would, as always, continue to make unremitting efforts to consolidate the traditional friendship and further the amity and cooperation between the two countries.

              In his speech, President Musharraf said that the Gwadar Port project is very important to the economic development in Balochistan province and the whole country.

              He was of the view that with the construction of the Gwadar Port, the friendship between Pakistan and China would be further consolidated.


                China is indeed Pakistan's great friend It is the only friend, who has never shown her back to Pakistan. We Pakistanis are lucky to have China as our great friend. Long Live Pak-China Friendship

                *Play your game - Guess my motto*


                  Gawadar might become the next Dubai, i cant wait to see the development there.



                    All credit goes to the pres he's put us on the right track.