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History to repeat itself

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    History to repeat itself

    General Ziaul Haq had also opted for referendum in 1984 to continue as President of Pakistan for another five years after seven years in power as Chief Martial Law Administrator.
    Ziaul Haq had held a national referendum on December 19, 1984, on his “Islamization” program, asking the people of Pakistan that if they wanted an Islamic system in the country then he would be the President for five years.
    He had implicitly linked approval of “Islamization” with a mandate for his continued presidency. His opponents, led by the MRD, boycotted the 1985 non-party based general election when the government had claimed a 63 per cent turnout, with more than 90 per cent approving the referendum.
    However, many observers had questioned these figures.

    Same thing as before but islamization would be replaced by quiet secularization coz we'll know he has great love and respect for Ataturks views.

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