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Pakistan receives criticism while failures of US, India and Israel are rewarded

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    Pakistan receives criticism while failures of US, India and Israel are rewarded

    Mods, no link again cos I wrote this and thought it was an interesting topic to discuss.

    Pakistan receives international criticism while failures of US, India and Israel continue to be rewarded

    US Senator Richard Selby, Vice Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence, criticized Pakistan's failure to secure places of worship, foreigners and minorities in the aftermath of Sunday's Church bombing; whereas India, Israel and the US are rewarded and strengthened for similar and worse catastrophes. Bush's war on terrorism is in reality a war on Islam and a key US objective is the dismantling of the fortress of Islam, Pakistan; so America seeks to exploit every occurrence to undermine Pakistan's sovereignty by raising qualms about Pakistan's ability to manage its own affairs independently.

    There were no calls to undermine American sovereignty when its trade capital was attacked and innocent civilians of many nationalities were slaughtered, or when America subsequently failed to protect its American Muslim citizens, or when she detained hundreds of foreign Muslims; instead America was rewarded with an excuse to strengthen her hegemony and increase her violation of the sovereignty of other nations. There were no calls to undermine India for the martyrdom of Barbri Masjid or the Muslims of Gujarat; instead India is strengthened by endorsement of its government by America. There were no calls to undermine Israel for its regular slaughter of Muslims; instead Israel was rewarded with calls for strengthening its occupation through recognition. However, as soon as there are failures in Pakistan, these are used as an excuse by America to focus its unwanted attentions upon Pakistan. What is the real American agenda?

    Originally posted by The Godfather:
    What is the real American agenda?
    I think Bush's actions in a number of areas over the last six months and culminating today in the imposition of steel tariffs make America's current agenda clear:

    To dominate the world without giving a damn about what anyone thinks. Look at the way how Britain is the only country in the West to to back Bush's crusade against Iraq - and how does Bush replay Britain?

    By imposing tariffs on British steel, damaging Britain's economy, just to avoid a weakening of US steel.
    Muslims are so good at dividing that they can divide the atom. If you see two Muslims, probably they belong to 3 parties.