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    A Voice of Sanity!!!!

    Here is an excellent article about the state of South Asia.

    South Asia in trouble
    Shafqat Mahmood

    The writer is a former Senator and a former federal and provincial minister

    [email protected]
    Our part of the world is in a state of terrible disorder. In Pakistan, ten people are shot dead while praying in a mosque. Their killers have little reverence for a place of worship or for their victims' piety. In India, an entire train is attacked in which fifty or more are burnt to death. First reports indicate that this madness was driven by religious zeal. In Nepal, the death toll, by last count, is over 400. This is just one week of mayhem between the government forces and some people who call themselves Maoists. Mao is dead in China, both physically and metaphorically, but in Nepal he lives and thrives......

    I hope people are listening to Shafqat.