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    Those of you living abroad may not be aware of the new regulations to get a Pakistani Identity Card (Shanakhtee Card). There is a new form that needs to be filled, and a new photo (with blue background) or certain measurements be attached. The old cards will no longer be valid after June 30th. I don’t have more info about that, but if you wish to keep your Pakistani residency, go ahead and do it. The forms are available at your consulates. I just filled my application. The new systems of Id’ing is supposed to be fool and temper proof. I hope it makes things easier for everyone.

    The new cards are excellent... I just got mine a few days back... You do not have to surrender your old card though... This new card even has a verification tag behind, so we no longer have to get our cards punched in the upcoming elections.

    Another great step by this Government... especially keeping in mind what type of cards the corrupt nawaz government came up with.

    A job well done by NADRA.


      Um, they don't have any forms/info at the DC embassy website.
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        Originally posted by NYAhmadi:
        or certain measurements be attached.

        measurements.. ??? isn't that .. a bit naughty!!

        they now want to find out.. my measurements?? inferiority complex??