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India should take Musharraf seriously, says Wolpert

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    India should take Musharraf seriously, says Wolpert

    India should take Musharraf seriously, says Wolpert

    /* Taken from The Daily Dawn, Karachi */

    LOS ANGELES, Feb 6: The time has come when India should start taking Pakistan's military ruler Pervez Musharraf seriously and must realize that Kashmir is really a problem.

    This was stated by an eminent scholar on Asian history and former Assistant Vice-Chancellor at UCLA, Professor Stanley Wolpert, at a one-hour examination of issues pertaining to nuclear rivals India and Pakistan.

    The programme was arranged by Los Angeles World Affairs Council the other day and was co-sponsored by Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA).

    "We have to take a more proactive role in helping to resolve the conflict in Kashmir. It is a conflict. The Indians, however, like to say there is no Kashmir problem, which they do for their own consumption. (But) anyone who knows the region understands that the Indian army is viewed by most of the Kashmiris in the valley as an army of occupation, not as an army of protection," Wolpert said.

    Wolpert, who is an author of over 20 books on Pakistan and India and an internationally recognized authority on India-Pakistan affairs, said for India, Pakistan could not have a better leader than Musharraf.

    "If he (Musharraf) is removed, Pakistan could either go back to the kind of narrowness of rule that it had before or it could become more militant in defying India, since there are a number of generals, who have been removed by President Musharraf, who are still waiting in the wings and would like very much to take a more vigorous action," Wolpert told an audience at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel, consisting of professors, researchers, politicians and students.

    The professor said he hoped India would appreciate that Pakistan was not trying to destabilize or destroy India's elected government; that Pakistan respects and recognizes India's elected government, and that the current buildup on the border was an excessive escalation.

    "President Musharraf has done something which I think very few generals in modern times can be expected to do. He has, I believe, the toughest job of any leader of any nation in Asia today."

    He said the swiftness of Pakistan in preventing a dreadful nuclear war, whose capitals are just seven minutes of ballistic missiles of each other, in the aftermath of Dec 13 attacks on Indian parliament building, by putting some 2,500 suspected terrorists behind bars and retaining a degree of cool and banning five militant organizations, all indicate remarkable Pakistani statesmanship.

    During the hour-long discussion, Wolpert, who visited Pakistan and India last December, also dwelt at length on why negotiation was the only way to resolve Kashmir issue and why India was feeling dejected following the Sept 11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington DC.

    Wolpert said many in Pakistan believed that the Dec 13 attack on the parliament was staged by India itself.

    "Though I don't believe for a moment that that is true or that was the case but there were many Pakistanis who did because the Indian false hijacking of one plane a few months before, and then several years before, led them to feel that India would do anything to call sufficient attention so that it could act with impunity in taking Kashmir, the Azad Kashmir quarter, that is in Pakistan's control."

    The problem is India is feeling neglected after Sept 11 and had been disappointed that USA had turned to Pakistan, which was geographically necessary for any action in Afghanistan, despite its (India's) open offer to facilitate US troops. Then, India chose a maverick way to get attention.

    Wolpert reminded Indian leadership of Mahatma Gandhi's simple solution on Kashmir: "One should always admit one's mistakes," Gandhi told premier Nehru: "I shall advise Pakistan and India to sit together and decide the matter. If they want an arbitrator they can appoint one. Kashmir cannot be saved by military might alone. India and Pakistan must come together and decide the issue with the help of impartial mediation. Is there no one in India who is impartial?"

    In the last weeks of Mahatma's life, Gandhi moaned only the good and the noble could be brave; stupid could never be brave, adding, "If I had my way I would have invited Pakistan's representative to India and we could have met, discussed the matter and worked out a settlement. We should at least try." Then he said: "Today, mine is a cry in the wilderness."

    Ten days later he was assassinated by a Hindu who said that the old man was nothing but a Muslim lover and a traitor to India.

    That Hindu was part of the RSS, part of the right-wing extremist Hindu group that has among its more recent members many of the leaders of India's current BJP government, including its prime minister who was once a member of that group.

    >>"If he (Musharraf) is removed, Pakistan could either go back to the kind of narrowness of rule that it had before or it could become more militant in defying India, since there are a number of generals, who have been removed by President Musharraf, who are still waiting in the wings and would like very much to take a more vigorous action<<

    They are welcome to thorw Perveez Mushraaf out. In case anybody wants to know, there can't be a 'More Friendly' or 'Less Friendly' ruler of Pakistan for India. All Pakistani rulers are by necessity unfriendly to India in Kashmir!!
    Both Indians and Pakistanis are smart and capable. They defined their stands on Kashmir long ago and the stands are mutually exclusive. No ruler from either country will survive if he changes the stance on Kashmir.


      this how we take musharuff seriously


        Yup. That's what I meant by the stands being mutually exclusive. Abdali, it is not just the BJP that syas it. Only thing is some other parties may be willing to freeze the LOC as the International Borders.
        Ofcourse Paks and Kashmiris won't like it


          Originally posted by rvikz:
          this how we take musharuff seriously

          Just one question rivkz... out of pure curiousity...

          You refer to yourself as 'us' when you refer to both Pakistanis and Indians, im confused as to what you really are? There are some other Indians here who use the word 'us' to give the impression that they are Pakistanis and openly attack Pakistan's policies so that other guppies believe that there are so many disbelievers here. My question, which category do u fall in?


            Originally posted by Spock:
            Just one question rivkz... out of pure curiousity...

            You refer to yourself as 'us' when you refer to both Pakistanis and Indians,

            nope i think from reference, it is clear that he is refering to indians.


              Well ZZ, I have in the past seen him use 'us' in a collective sense... this is why I asked him... Maybe he wants to see the two as one... or he wants to promote unity b/w the two nations, he should elaborate on this though...

              Oh and yes we still havent seen any posts from the person who hails wolpert as a US senator.


                spock we can use word "us" since indians
                and pakistanis destinies tied toghether
                we have live toghether or die toghether.


                  rvikz, I agree to some extent...

                  Recently there was some reports of racism in cricket directed against India by an English match official... The Pakistan board, even though they had nothing to do with it, worked with the Indian Cricket Board (keeping in mind that the two are not enjoying good relations owing to India not playing cricket with Pakistan) & campaigned together against 'aparthied in cricket'

                  However, we must consider the two as separate nations, and not one... Otherwise we would support the claims of some Hindus who believe that Pakistan is still a part of their so called mother India.


                    spock even india becomes 100% muslim country
                    pakistan and india will be separate countries. bangaldesh and pakistan despite commonality of religen cant come toghether
                    as a nation. combined islamic population
                    of subcontinent is very diverse involving
                    too many ethinic groups.

                    [This message has been edited by rvikz (edited February 09, 2002).]


                      As long as we continue to raise solgans of 'two nations', India and pak can never come close. We have to ditch this narrow-minded thinking created by the likes of Iqbal, Jinnah, etc.


                        The two nation theory is the best thing that happened to the Muslims of the sub continent. The Hindus consider Muslims 'achoot' and wont even drink water in the same glass. There is no reason for us to have lived with them.


                          spock two nation theory may work for pakistan which is practically 100% muslim.
                          for multi religious countries like india
                          (which has more muslims than pakistan)and bangaldesh it does not work. i dont accept india created for one religen or one ethinic group. even before partition muslims of pakistan are majority and hindus there are
                          insignificant minority.


                            Sadly many fail to recognize that the two-nation theory is about Muslims and Hindus. It does not matter how many nation states exist. Do you see Bangladesh having a solid friendly relationship with India? No. They resent the Indian government, and there has been cross border firing just like in the case of Pakistan. Is this not validation of the Two Nation Theory?


                              remember millions of bangaldeshis still come
                              to india because of close ethnic affinity.
                              on the other hand bihari who fought for west
                              pakistan not accepted by pakistan.