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FBI humiliates Hajj pilgrims

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    FBI humiliates Hajj pilgrims

    KARACHI, Jan 25 (PNS) The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Thursday raided at least two flights carrying faithful to Saudi Arabia for Haj from Karachi International Airport in search of Al-Qaeda and Taliban members.

    The Al-Qaeda members according to FBI might flee to Saudi Arabia taking cover of Hajis, impeccable aviation sources told PNS here.

    The raids were conducted by the joint teams of FBI and Pakistan's Federal Investigation Authority (FIA), sources said.

    The first raid was conducted on a Saudi Airline Haj flight SV-715 at 8:55 AM , while a Pakistan International Airline's Haj flight PK-113 was also raided at 11:15 AM, sources said. Both flights were bound to Jeddah.

    Sources said that three FBI agents along with other FIA officials, led by Deputy Director Immigration, Zulfikar Ali Shah had conducted the raids.

    The FBI agents searched several passengers and checked their documents through sophisticated scanners, however, none of them was arrested.

    The Deputy Director FIA, Zulfikar Ali Shah was not available to comment.

    According to sources, the sudden raids created panic among the passengers, who, attired in Ahrams, protested over the "humiliating attitude" of the FBI agents.

    However, the Pakistani FIA officials threatened the passengers to cooperate with the FBI, otherwise they would be off-loaded, sources contended.

    This was for the first time since the commencement of Haj operation on January 17, 2002, that the FBI has raided a Haj flight.

    Intelligence sources told this correspondent that the FBI fears some top Al-Qaeda and Taliban members might try to flee to Saudi Arabia taking advantage of alleged mismanagement in the issuance of Haj visas and flight schedule.

    comment: These GI Joes are asking for it, how low can the pakistani authorities go theres only so much you can sell yourself!

    comment: These GI Joes are asking for it, how low can the pakistani authorities go theres only so much you can sell yourself!
    a begging bowl takes away your rights to protest.

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    JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


      There is a way to conduct these screenings
      that respect the pilgrims. FBI agents are not
      known for their tact. They should have let
      the Pak officials take the lead in the handl-
      ing of the passengers. Pakistan is not a beg-
      gar, it has done positive things for which it
      deserves renumeration. The US G-men should be
      taken off these types of cases. A separate
      agency, specific to this task needs to be
      formed for any future checks.



        what u talking about would the US let any pakistani go to the US and search American airlines screening anyone they suspect of being an agent against pakistan exactly no!

        Its just the sheer arrogance of western nations that think they can go around the world acting like they are some kind of globocops!


          Pakistan is not a Superpower. You all should thank the US for giving Pakistan another chance to survive.


            The situation never presented itself, but if
            things were bad enough, the US officials,
            upon request by Pakistan, should permit the
            reciprocality. Also, there is the Interpol
            for international criminal apprehension. The
            number of people active against Pakistan in
            the US would seem minimal. America has NO
            call in the ultimate fate of Pakistan, unless
            directly threatened in an extreme manner. If
            the cooperation continues between us, much
            can be accompolished. Your personal opinions
            will not change my attitude towards Pakistan.



              If interpol is so great why are'nt the US doing this with pakistan.

              Secondly your knowledge of pakistan is minimal from my opinion becaue the pakistani people are fuming with the arrogance and behavior of the american globocops and this treatment of haj pilgrim is just 1 of many examples. Musharraff is one man he does not represent the people of pakistan at all. If you know anything about the public opinion in pakistan then you should know this as a basic fact.

              The Americans where calling him a dictator who stole power and stopped calling him this when he became usefull recently what a surprise!