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Pakistan eyeing Brazilian Awacs system

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    Pakistan eyeing Brazilian Awacs system

    Pakistan eyeing Brazilian Awacs system

    NEW DELHI: In an apparent bid to outdo India in the race for Airborne
    Warning and Control System (Awacs), Pakistan is reportedly in the final
    stages of negotiations with Brazil for the purchase of six EMB-145
    remote sensing aircraft.

    The Brazilian ERIEYE Awacs system is capable of 360 degree detection
    and tracking of air and sea targets over the horizon. It can detect
    fighter aircraft size targets at 370 kms, while warships can be
    detected at a longer range.

    A team from the Brazilian manufacturers, Embraer, have visited Pakistan
    twice for the supply of six EMB-145s, four for the Pakistan Air Force
    and two for the navy, The Nation reported quoting top Pakistani defence

    "Islamabad initiated its search for a suitable airborne early warning
    aircraft shortly after India was on the verge of acquiring two Russian
    Beriev A-50 mainstay Awacs on trial," the paper said.

    Pakistan to make a down payment of 10 per cent on the reported $4
    billion deal, with the balance to be raised by a Brazilian consortium
    of international commercial banks.

    4 billion $ deal!!!!

    nothing much to eat, educate, and spend on health. Begging around the wrold for fund for public. But lot of money for defence.


      Originally posted by FreeMind:
      4 billion $ deal!!!!

      nothing much to eat, educate, and spend on health. Begging around the wrold for fund for public. But lot of money for defence.
      money has come in from US. At least next 3 years u can have 1 billion $ savings on loans. where will this money go? obviously weapons. however much non resident pakistanis make fun of nawaz shrif's motorways, at least his priority was roads.


        With a hawkish neighbour like India, Pakistan has no option but to defend itself.

        With Israel and India joining together to try and undermine and destroy Pakistan with their defence deals (with phalcons on their way soon), my family can at least sleep easy knowing that Pakistan is in good hands to protect itself against any brainless, vote seeking hawks on our eatern border.

        BTW, who was it that started the nuclear testing? Who is it that has 700000 soldiers raping Kashmiri muslims, and can't wait to do the same to Pakistanis if they get a chance? Who is it that is still testing missile after missile trying to flex muscle? Who is it that started the current stand-off because they need to get some votes in UP elections?

        I am glad we have people in power who are managing the economy and the defence needs very well.

        If NS was in power, he would have built a road leading straight to Indian armed forces headquarter, allowing them to walk right into Pakistan as long as he could get the toll fees.


          we would not be bothered about pak spending if it was not subsidized by US. even that wont matter if US stops teaching peace to us.

          what did the hawkish neighbor do to bangladesh or nepal who dont even spend 1/100 th of what pak spends on defence. in fact this 'hawkish' neighbor is the one that has lost teritory and does not want to lose any further teritory. is that an 'exapnsionist' and 'hawkish' choice?

          about kashmir, where did kashmiri pandits go, why did they run away. what their women speak of treatemnet given by jihadis sent by mad mullahs. till these dogs keep coming from other side of border, we have to stand on border.

          it is like sending mad dogs to neighbor's house and and shout about 'hawkish' intentions of neighbor he put a guard to stop them or threatens u of consequences.


            Originally posted by ZZ:
            ...we would not be bothered about pak spending if it was not subsidized by US...
            Yaar ZZ, as you may have read - envy is one of the seven deadly sins

            Please spend YOUR money on the 500 million starving in your country. Let Pakistan do what it needs to do to defend itself from the HAWKISH neighbours on its eastern front.

            Have a nice day.


              indians can endure more poverty and hardship
              than pakistanis can sacrfice more than pakistanis shed more blood. idnot know
              pakistani generals can leave a/c offices
              endure meatless diets.


                Pakistan's mobilization of its armed forces has already cost it between US$400 and $600 million. Pakistan expected to start feeling the pinch if this continues for more than 45 days.