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Pakistan’s Striving Son

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    Pakistan’s Striving Son

    His mom says Pervez Musharraf was never much of a student, but hes always been a leader. Now hes in charge of a nuclear power and wants to set a new course for the Muslim world. Can he do it?

    Comments peoples ?


    Good article. There's no doubt that Musharraf has the ability to deliver. whether he will be allowed to is the only question mark. By allying himself to the US he has done his chances of success no harm at all.


      His 'deliverance' should be evident to the common man in the coming few months/years. If he stays committed to the 'mission' that he laid out ... he will gain admiration of a lot.

      Otherwise he will be just any other leader who talked a lot but did nothing.
      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      - Robert McCloskey


        At least , he is the first leader so far tht ha shown no interest in Looting the public. How much good he does is to be seen. So for he seems to have the best of intentions. I wish him success.


          Wait 2 more years and he will be another dictator who needs to be dealt with.

          Ours is not to reason why;
          Ours is but to do and die
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            Originally posted by CM:
            Wait 2 more years and he will be another dictator who needs to be dealt with.


            I thought u liked Musharaf.

            What do u base yr statement on - history ?

            I don't think that there is a basis for comparison.


              Originally posted by CM:
              Wait 2 more years and he will be another dictator who needs to be dealt with.


              Who is worried about after 365x2 =730 days

              Do you think Indian govt Knew how long it will survive NDA coalition patch up govt put together by mortgaging there mother, sisters & wives in India ?reety:

              He already has been in power for 2 years ...

              Yahan kal kya ho kisne dekha

              Yoodle Yoodle yooo

              zindagi ek safar hai sohana

              Besides Sceptism C.M. are you good for Anything c.M. is that? CHIEF Minister or what ???

              "If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, 'thank you,' that would suffice."

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                Maybe CM doesn't want to have his hopes
                dashed. Can't blame him from that angle.
                From what this American can see, he does
                seem genuine, earnest, and determined. He
                is a class act, as they say. I would be greatly surprised if he turned out contrary
                to this assesment. Good gracious, the world
                NEEDS quality leadership again, starting
                with Pakistan. Maybe Mushie can give an em-
                ulative example. This is my angle. Seeing
                this man on TV is a major reason I came to
                this website.

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                  Good God.
                  Have any of you actually read my other posts?
                  Can you see sarcasm?

                  A1shah, yes i am a CE supporter.
                  Always have been.
                  Always will be unless he facts up.
                  My post is what i would expect the US to say and think.
                  Right now he is the darling of the world.
                  2 years down the line he will be another dictator that is developing a third world country in the right direction.
                  The US can't stand that and he will be dealt like Zia.

                  Tipu Sultan
                  You should be worried about everyday.
                  As when he facts up one day, we will most likely be dealing with the consequences for decades.
                  Bhutto and 71
                  Zia and the MQM.
                  We are still dealing with them because our ruler facted up one day!

                  As for your last sentence learn some facting english before you speak to me.

                  Both of you never, ever doubt my patriotism again.

                  My hopes dashed Tomasso?
                  Nah, the CE has exceeded my hopes already, they can't be dashed.
                  Quality leadership Tomasso is not what the US wants.
                  They want subserviant leaders, like Saudi.
                  Saudi said no to bases and you remember how the US media acted?
                  The simple assessment was that we own Saudi they should do everything we ask.

                  Mark my words Tomasso.
                  The CE will last and develop pakistan properly.
                  That will hurt US FP in the region and give china a strong ally.
                  The US will stand for this, and they will get rid of the CE permanently.
                  The US is not above the act of killing of heads of state, if it is in their interest.

                  Ours is not to reason why;
                  Ours is but to do and die
                  You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                    CM, you hit it on the nail's head. I am also of the opinion that if the CE does too good a job he will end the same way as Bhutto or Zia. the only way he will stay alive is to look after US interests in the region. He can do that to some extent, but we also need good relations with China and Iran who don't want to see US extend influence in Asia so it's going to be an interesting juggling act. Musharraf is more than capable, but when he steps aside after the elections a lot depends on who becomes the next PM.


                      Sarcasm, in written form, across a cultural
                      divide is sometimes hard to pick up, even
                      among people from the same region. Man, if
                      the US "whacks" Mushie, I'm gonna be pi**ed.
                      Saudi Arabia can't be totally subservient to
                      US. I noted recently that they diapproved of
                      the relaxation of requirement that one of
                      our female, A-10 pilots wear culturally
                      suitable clothes in public in Arabia. We did
                      not even consult the sheihks. Anyhow, back to
                      the crux. I think Pervez is smart enough to
                      engage American support without causing a
                      problem. I must admit, I have been cramming,
                      Pak history, not a native, you see. Was Zia
                      and Bhutto seen so positively early in their
                      positions? It is hard to properly judge the
                      intentions of posters, here. The written word
                      often falls short. CM, could you give me a
                      definition of "facted", please. Don't be shy,
                      I can't speak a word of Urdu. Oh, I now see
                      what is meant by dictator. This is what the
                      US feared when Pervie took power. One doesn't
                      know a person, till one knows a person. We
                      still prefer democratic elections. The real
                      trouble will appear after Musharraf is gone,


                        Perveez Mushraaf is actually good for Pakistan if he takes his blinkers off about Kashmir. The rest of his agenda makes a lot of sense.
                        TOMASSO to answer your question, it is an established trend with Pakistanis that whoever keeps Kashmir in focus is popular with them.
                        From that point of view, having an Army guy in seat is better for India.
                        You see, if a politician takes over the Army will start their adventures again like the Kargil fiasco. Then if things go wrong, they kick the politician out in 'Supreme National Interest'
                        Happened to Nawaaz Sharif!!
                        With their own guy in the hot seat however, things are different.