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Reactions to Musharraf's address to the nation.

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    Reactions to Musharraf's address to the nation.

    Could you please write down some reactions from western- indian- or pakistani media to the speech given by Pres. Musharraf.

    Here is something interesting from indian point of view.(which is pretty much honestly written, I think??)

    Not positive, but not negative either

    One saw Pervez Musharraf in a nutshell on the TV on January 12 ---a skilful tactician and perception manager. In a manner typical of him, he has tried to carry conviction to India and the rest of the international community that his determination to act against terrorism in all its manifestations was a definitive change of policy and not just a change of posture.
    At the same time, he has sought to ensure his own survival in power by reassuring his people that his denunciation of religious extremism and terrorism did not indicate a change of his country's J& K policy.

    It must be said to his credit that no other Pakistani leader, political or military, had ever condemned the activities of religious extremist and sectarian parties and highlighted their devastating effect on the Pakistani State and society in such strong terms as he did. It did require some courage.

    So far as India is concerned, his speech only partly met the concerns of New Delhi. He banned the Jaish-e-Mohammad and the Lashkar-e-Toiba, but attributed the ban to their activities inside Pakistan and not to their acts of terrorism in India.

    He has spared the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HUM), which, of all the jehadi organisations, has the largest following in the Pakistani Arm and had close links with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Similarly, he has spared the Al Badr, another Pakistani organisation active in J&K, and was silent on the activities of Kashmiri organisations such as the Hizbul Mujahideen from Pakistani territory.

    On the terrorists wanted by India, he has taken the traditional Pakistani position that while Pakistan would try Pakistani nationals under its own laws provided credible evidence was forthcoming, it would be willing to consider the extradition of non-Pakistanis if they are found in Pakistani territory.

    Significantly, he did not try to justify jehad in J&K as he had done in the past and refrained from referring to acts of terrorism in J&K as acts of resistance to Indian occupation. Of course, he condemned India's alleged state terrorism in J&K and called for an active role by UN observers and international human rights organisations.

    While it was not a positive speech from the point of view of India, it was not a totally negative statement either. India should carefully examine it and should not reject it outright.

    (The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Research & Analysis Wing (R&AW), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India)


    musharuff is the last hope for pakistan
    until a elected goverment comes to office.
    elections are important. the political
    parties can put out their policies regarding
    relationship with india and about kashmir
    find out what people of pakistan want.
    any hardliner should have the courage
    to say to people elect me i will get you the kashmir or go to war over it.


      hey rvikz cant you read what I wrote >> I want reactions from well known medias and personalities >> common now I am repeating myself but just for you Mushy is the best that ever happened to Pakistan after Jinnah and I DON'T care how he came to power as long as he is doing good for Pakistan and the pakistani nationals. Get over some "I know much better complex" he said there will be elections this year, now give him a chance will ya.


        No hard liner has ever been elected to office by the people of Pakistan. It is only in right wing india where you have extremists like advani, fernanded and vajpayee who are elected to office. In Pakistan, no one pays any attention to right wingers which is why they have resorted to violence - because that is the only way for them to get attention.

        The President's speech has more importantly been received very well by the people of PAKISTAN. That is the most important point. Beyond that, in case you are interested - Britain, China, Canada, the US, etc have all reacted positively to the President's speech. Who cares what indians reaction is? For that matter, its not even important what the world reaction was - despite the fact that it was positive - Pakistanis are the ones who will benefit from the steps the President takes. And that is the key.


          well said Yasir :k. I agree


            We are behind our president. I think the speech was well conveyed as the President made the first effort by presenting a hand of friendship to India, but also (as the patron of the Pakistan armed forces) let India know that any hostiles move would be dealt with.