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Dazzling Musharraf stuns Vajpayee in SAARC triumph

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    Dazzling Musharraf stuns Vajpayee in SAARC triumph

    Musharraf hands Vajpayee a pleasant surprise

    Josy Joseph in Kathmandu

    Pakistan President General Pervez Musharaf on Saturday took Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee by surprise by first offering a 'genuine and sincere hand of friendship' and then walking up to Vajpayee and extending his hand during the opening session of the SAARC summit.

    After recovering from the surprise, Vajpayee got up and returned the gesture.

    The audience at the Birendra International Conference hall clapped as Musharraf staged what Indian officials had never even dreamed of.

    The handshake brought alive the otherwise dull opening session.

    During his speech, Gen Musharraf insisted that there was a distinction between 'genuine freedom fighters' and terrorists even while he condemned terrorism in all its forms.

    Musharraf said Pakistan was 'determined to eliminate' terrorism.

    He said that he came to Kathmandu 'with the objective of dissipating tension' between India and Pakistan and that his government 'remains committed to dialogue with India'.

    He wanted all problems facing the region to be addressed instead of 'sweeping them under the carpet' adding "Let none amongst us consider himself more equal than others."


    Can President Musharraf put a foot wrong? Once again, Vajpayee, India's leader of the Hindu nationalist government was left trailing in the wake of the super-confident Pakistan leader. His stunning move to approach the bewildered Indian PM with a handshake brought applause from all the Asian dignitaries who could not help but marvel at the brazen yet monumental gesture.

    Surely India must now grasp this chance and follow Musharraf's grand vision for the future of both the SAARC and of course to raise it's own reputation to a more acceptable level.

    "Let none amongst us consider himself more equal than others."

    musharraf is the dude.


      #3 an-_world_trouble_spots-_kashmir/487935.html

      Indian PM snubs Pakistani president after handshake
      5:49pm Saturday, 05th January 2002

      India's prime minister has snubbed the Pakistani president at a summit.

      It followed a handshake which raised hopes of a reconciliation.

      Atal Vajpayee said Pakistan should stop harbouring terrorists.

      At the meeting in Nepal, President Musharraf surprised Prime Minister Vajpayee by offering his hand to shake, after a speech offering friendship and dialogue.

      He said: "I extend a hand of genuine and sincere friendship to Prime Minister Vajpayee. Let us together commence a journey of peace, harmony and progress in South Asia."

      Mr Vajpayee took it, with a faint smile, but later responded with a strongly worded rebuttal demanding that Pakistan stop harbouring Islamic militants.

      He then walked past the waiting Pakistani leader after the inaugural speeches of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation summit.

      After the speeches, the leaders made their way out of the convention hall. General Musharraf shook hands with Maldivian President Abdul Gayoom, and waited on the stage as Mr Vajpayee warmly greeted Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

      However, Mr Vajpayee walked by Gen Musharraf, looking straight ahead as he slowly passed him and was escorted down the stage.

      In the light of Vajpayee's snubbing, this may not be very popular at home!!

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        The 'snubbing' from Vajpayee was in the form of a pre-fabricated speech. Musharraf's handshake was a genuine and original gesture. Vajpayee could not have possibly come up with an equal return for Gen. Musharrafs gesture. He had to read his pre-written speech, that was obviously based on the same 'big brother' mentality that all the SAARC leaders have been chastising India about.


          In western media however, there is an undertone that Musharraf was "begging" India for peace


            Amigo, I disagree.

            From the coverage I have seen the "handshake" was a dignified and serious grand gesture. The video makes Vajpayee look a little stunned and off balance.

            Congratulations to Musharraf!
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              All the Vijays are kindly requested to read the following... from

              The media-savvy general, who is a master at doing the unexpected, followed his offer of extending his hand in "genuine and sincere" friendship by walking across to where Vajpayee was sitting and held out his hand for a handshake. First completely taken by surprise, Vajpayee quickly responded by rising and returning the handshake and so amazing was the gesture that the till-then grim and somber Vajpayee displayed a wide grin, which looked as though he was applauding General Musharraf's guts.

              This just proves the class of this man. Vajpayee spoke like a slow turtle, babbling about his so called 'craas ****ry teeeerorism'. Musharaf on the other hand showed some true class, evident from that hand shake.


                Handshake was sign that Pakistan wants to live in peace with India. I hope India will repond positively to the gesture and do not inflame the situation at borders any more.


                  Itís amazing how responsibility changes individuals! He was never known to be a diplomat or a good public speaker ... but he sure has shown his good colors in the past few months!

                  Two thumbs up for the President!
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                    The CE has done well.
                    Good for him and the nation.

                    Ours is not to reason why;
                    Ours is but to do and die
                    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                      Mashallah, our great President has once again done us proud on the international stage, just as he did so splendidly at Agra. As usual the President is smartly dressed, walking confidently and always in control, and ready to surprise the other side. What a diplomat, what a statesman and what a leader. He does Pakistan proud.

                      Pakistan President Gen. Prevez Musharraf offers a hand of friendship to Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee


                        General Musharraf has certainly made Pakistan proud Way to go Prez!!


                          Originally posted by aMiGo:
                          In western media however, there is an undertone that Musharraf was "begging" India for peace
                          Chairman Mao once said that "Don't confuse our handshake with weakness for in the other hand, we carry a GUN"!

                          You know what happened in Vietnam and Korea.



                            A mixture of national pride and historic enmity lies behind the posturing between nuclear powers, India and Pakistan. But, suggests Tom Clonan, India would likely win any eruption of hostilities


                              Originally posted by rvikz:
                              India would likely win any eruption of hostilities
                              If India could India would not waste a second.