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What is truly happening!!!

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    What is truly happening!!!

    India is greater in population, geography, arms, technology and economy. So it is no surprise that irresponsible politicians in India talk about wiping Pakistan out.

    The latter's government is stonewalling India's demands, but with noninflammatory language.
    Heck we have arrested the leader of one ofthe groups and closed shop of another.
    And all that without proof.
    I personally don't agree with that, but it is a beautiful PR and dip game, the CE has played.
    We are not giving in to India, but we are being diplomatic and using maximum restraint.
    While india is acting like a big bully.

    Ours is not to reason why;
    Ours is but to do and die
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!

    This article didn't say much now did it? Journalism std is falling fast, khair sannu ki.

    I was just wondering what is the LeT's history, their accomplishments key figures etc. I don't recall hearing of them or Maulana Azhar before hijack of the IA. I don't agree with random arresting of Pak citizens no matter how much others shout. GoP is responsible and answerable to the people of Pak, not to some brain dead sitting comfy in his chair in some other country.


      These people think they can break the Pakistani Sprit lets all join hands and show them what we are truly made off.

      They will never understand the true base that pakistan was built on!!!