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One more leeach in our system.......

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    One more leeach in our system.......

    The Dawn
    PESHAWAR, Dec 13: The Pakistani authorities recently detected an illegal power supply line running through Torkham to Afghanistan's border areas.

    The line was installed by the local tribesmen who were doing businesses illegally with the Afghans across the Torkham border town.

    Afghanistan's border areas adjoining Khyber agency, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), have been using electricity illegally for 11 years without paying any money to Wapda, official sources told Dawn here on Thursday.

    "The illegal power distribution line, supplying power to border areas inside Afghanistan since early 1990s, was recently detected and disconnected," claimed Brig Khalid Khan, the chief executive of Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (Pesco). But, it had to be restored a few months back on the instructions of Islamabad after the move evoked sharp reaction from the Taliban militia.

    "Although Taliban are no more there, electricity supply is still on to Afghanistan to ensure power supply to a hospital, run on humanitarian basis by an international agency, in areas close to Pakistani border," said Brig Khalid. But, the international agency, said the official sources, were not ready to pay the cost of electricity.

    Out of total 11,200 transfers installed in Fata, over 3,240 are illegally installed by the tribesmen.

    Whereas in the presence of some 171,000 legal - domestic and commercial -connections duly registered with Pesco there are some 85,0000 connections which have been obtained by tribesmen illegally, directly from the power distribution system inside Fata." Neither they [tribesmen] earlier paid marginal flat rate nor they are paying the recently fixed Rs1.97 per unit charges, " said the official sources.

    The sources said that out of the total 215 million power units, on the average every month, the power utility could hardly recover Rs16.7million which makes just 3.1 per cent of the total cost of the electricity supplied to Fata every month.
    While many of our ordinary pakistani's are struggling to pay for expensive bills for electricity and gas, its seems our government for unknown reason completely turned their eyes from these type of leeches sucking the blood from the system.

    As far as I know, majority of our electricity is gernerated from Gas turbines that run on furance oil. The furance oil is imported from foreign countries.

    Since government has taken intiative to clean up the system, why leave the loopholes like above, which cost Wapda millions of ruppees and rest of the population has to foot the bill.

    I hope govt. will take some serious action to stop the theft of electricity.

    "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

    10,000 MW is owned by WAPDA
    1735 MW by KESC
    137 MW by Karachi Nuclear Power Plant
    4000 MW by private power generators
    1300 MW Hub power project
    1600 MW Kot Addu electric
    Coal fired is also in the development.

    The main sources of electricity in Pakistan are hydel power and thermal power with small component of nuclear power. Privatization can help eliminate theft.



      You figure are correct for the each portion of total national grid capacity being produced by each sector/company but the hydel is not the main source of electricity in Pakistan. The majority of electricty still being produced by the using other resources usch as gas, steam etc.

      This specially true for last 2/3 years because of low level in rivers put burden on other section like gas turbines to fill up the shortage.

      Whatever is method of gerneration of electricity, the fact remains that electricity theft cause our country millions of rupees.

      I agree that privitisation can solve our energy problems, but in current ecnomic and internal situation in country, very few foreign countries will be interested in investiging in pakistan.

      Also I hope that provitisation process is transperent so that important companies are not sold to the friends and relitives as it happened in NS time.

      "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"

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        They should just cut the line - let the international agencies pay their own bills.
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