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Christians observe solidarity fast!

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    Christians observe solidarity fast!

    Christians observe fast

    LAHORE, Dec 14: Members of the Christian community on Friday observed fast to express solidarity with Muslims in response to a call by Roman Catholics's spiritual leader Pope Paul-II.
    I consider it a very noble jester.

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
    - Robert McCloskey

    A noble jester as well as something to show that religion does not and should not divide people with the . You may be Christian or Muslim but there is a nationalism, which does exist within certain nations. Christianity and Islam are not at war not matter what the Fundamentalists say.


      If these Christians are sincere in their efforts to better understand the Muslim experience during Ramadhan, there are many opportunities for them to do so.

      They could go to Kandahar and where they will gain experience alongside thousands of Muslims suffering from American carpet bombing, and the daisy cutter.

      Perhaps then they could spend sometime alongside the Muslims in the Jalozai refugee camp near Peshawar. They'd be really lucky cos they could spend a day with the 50,000+ Muslims sleeping in shleters made out of plastic bags.

      A short trip then to Kashmir where they could experience the gang rape and molestation of Muslim sisters at the hands of the cursed hindu's.

      Better still, if they wanted to extend their experience off the sub-continent they could then go to China, Palestine or the Balkans where Muslims have become accustomed to living under oppresive kufr rule with all the killings and massacres that it brings.


        GF - what gives?
        I do not understand why you are so full of venom; instead of appreciating this gesture by the Christians you are pouring scorn. Why?
        May I ask what you have (and each one of us has) done to try and understand better the Christian culture? Each step, however small, towards understanding each other must be commended and followed up. It is a great uphill task and becomes even harder with every negative reaction.
        Yes the Muslims are suffering GREATLY all around the world, but do you not think at least some of it has to do with our own home grown problems, and not totally the fault of non-Muslims?


          Thank you, Awam ki Awaz! The voice of reason! I came to this site after having spent time with 2 Pakistani students to better understand the Muslim world.

          Had I encountered too many of GF's posts early on, I might not have spent too much time here! Who willingly wants to be tossed to the lions?

          I rejoice in anyone who worships the one true God. Hopefully the muslim community were blessed with a time of true spirtual growth and praise!

          Peace to all who read this...
          If a liberal speaks and no one hears, does it still sound stupid?


            Originally posted by Awam ki Awaz:
            GF - what gives?
            I do not understand why you are so full of venom; instead of appreciating this gesture by the Christians you are pouring scorn. Why?
            Why? Because his heart is full of hatred. It's as simple as that. "Thousands" of muslims suffering in Afghanistan due to US carpet bombing he says.. What about the hundreds of thousands of Muslims that rejoice in the death of the Taliban and "Arab" fighters taking their country and their RELIGION hostage? If anything, the US is fighting FOR ISLAM... the ISLAM that is known by millions... not the ISLAM being tarnished by these insane power mongering monsters.

            The notion that only the "US" is causing "suffering" in Afghanistan is absurd. The US is fighting evil side by side WITH MUSLIMS in Afghanistan. What do you say to those Muslims? I know I know.. they aren't "true" believers... absurd.

            "The attention should be placed on the intention"

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