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Clueless in Pakistan!!

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    Clueless in Pakistan!!

    >>Measles or missiles?

    The government cannot bring off a simple and cheap measles vaccination program. And yet, it can build nuclear weapons. The powerful military endlessly obsesses about disputed territory in Kashmir held since 1947 by their bitter enemy India. Every day, the headline in the local paper has something about Kashmir. Yet, they make no assault on their own unoccupied territory of prosperity for the masses.

    I am here to lead a 15-member team reviewing public services provided by the government of Punjab. I am fortunate to have a team of field-hardened, well-informed, hard-thinking World Bank staff. It is quickly apparent that a corrupt, hierarchical, autocratic bureaucracy in the country has done a miserable job providing public services. <<

    I will be interested to know what the author will have to say about India.
    In the meanwhile since I know that my Pakistani guppy friends have a big denial when it comes to topics like this one, I thought I will pass this link on to them.

    The One True Friend Of Pakisan


    there r people in india and pak who have done great job, edhi would be example, they go relatively unsung.

    i have a theory that people's apathy on govt. failure on welfare front has origin in feudal past. more later. i recently had a baby. so busy changing diapers.


      Originally posted by ZZ:
      i recently had a baby. so busy changing diapers.
      Bohat Bohat Mubarik!!

      Kia na'am rakha haiN?
      I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.
      - Robert McCloskey


        ZZ saab, Bahut Shukriya!! You are not telling us if it was a boy or girl!!
        Anyway what do you plan on the Name ?