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Pakistan & National Integration

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    Pakistan & National Integration

    Amongst the many problems facing Pakistan in the long term, is the question of the national integration of the smaller provinces.

    If any of the readers had the opportunity to read Robert Kaplan's "The Lawless Frontier" article in the Atlantic magazine, you can find a similar analysis. Through Pakistani history, the issue of national integration of the Pusktoon, Sindhi and Baluchi people has either never been the concern or has simply failed. Historically, as well as currently, Pakistan has been dominated by a Punjabi- Muhajir military/beauracratic establishment. While the reasons for that scenario are logical, with Punjabis constituting the majority of Pakistan, and Muhajirs representing the most educated group in terms of real numbers. However, this situation has alienated a large segment of Pakistan.

    I believe that it is vital not to take the discontment of various ethno-lingual groups lightly. If the course is not changed, I'm afraid Kaplan's prophesy of the disintegration of Pakistan will be fulfilled.

    The man for whom law exists - the man of forms, the conservative -is a tame man.
    - Thoreau