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PAK-US relations: bitter-sweet history

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    PAK-US relations: bitter-sweet history

    Pakistan came into existance just as the cold war was starting. The world was split into two camps soviet and US. infant Pakistan and India had to pick their camps...

    1951. Liquat Ali khan (1st PM) was invited by Soviets and Americans. He choose sanity over inhumanity and visited US, thus starting PAK-US relations. India choose Soviets.

    1954: Pakistan grew closer to US, joining in defense agreement SEATO.

    1955 an alliance, the Baghdad Pact, was formed between Britain, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan (its name changed to CENTO )

    late 50s and early 60s: with the military coup Pakistan grew even more close to US. First US base opened at Badaber near Peahwar. U2 flights originating from Badaber gained lot of information

    In May 1960, the USSR shot Francis Gary Powell's U2 reconnaissance plane down over Russian soil, it had taken off from Badaber.

    1965: Indo-Pak war...Pak US relations suffer a set back when US places arms embargo on both nations, knowing well that Pakistan was totally dependent on US arms and India did not use any US arms. Soviets speeded up arms supplies to India. Pakistan gained air supiriority by using US supplied F-86 Sabres and F-104 Star fighters. Pakistans old enemy King Zahir ensured safety of Pakistans Western borders, allowing Pakistan to remove it troops from that border. Iran opened her airfields to Pakistan Airforce. China moved her troops close to Indian border but US stopped supplies forcing Paksitan to sue for peace offered under Soviets. <first betrayel>

    1971: Civil war in Paksitan. India invaded Pakistan. Massive blood shed supervised by India. Pakistan askes her old time ally US for help. US tells Pakistan 7th Fleet is on its way. Now after 25 years declassified documents revealed that US delibratly wanted to break Pakistan to appease India.<second betrayel>

    1970s: Pakistan feeling betrayed by the US decided to move away from US block. venturing first into NAM(non aligned movement) then in OIC and finally started making friends with soviets. Soviets startd setting up steel mills in Pakistan and supplied some military aid (Mi-8 etc). Pakistan moved on the road to socialism under Bhutto. US believed that pakistan was slipping to the other side, given the fact that Bhutto was a big Landlord it was a total misconception. US grew hostile to Pakistan. Bhutto openly challenged US in his speeches....

    1977: CIA organised "Tehrik-i-Nizam-i-Mustafa" spearheaded by Jamaat-i-Islami a hard core Religious party. BTW no religious party has ever won any significant votes in any elections. They have always come o power using back doors. The movement gains momentum and army topples Bhutto. Who is finally hanged in 1979 <see what happens to those who oppose US>

    1979:Iranian revolution...US loses a staunch ally in the region. Same year soviets invade Afghanistan. Its a check mate for US, since main power behined the Iranian revolution was Todeh Party (communists) which used the mullahs...who in the end did away with the commies when bani sadr (todeh party guy) was toppled.....

    1980s: Pak-US romance starts again as US badly needs an ally in the region. Pakistan becomes a front line state in war against communism.... Pakistan suffers heavy casualties..terrorism by KGB and KHAD becomes a norm in Pakistan...ppl get blown up on almost a daily basis...I still remember the years of terror....

    1989-92: Soviets are finally defeated triggering a massive reaction all over the world which finally results in fall of communism....US is the sole super power...either u r with the US or u r dead...
    India quickly jumps ship and prostates before US.... Pakistan is cast aside like a used toilet paper as US welcomes India.... relations suddenly become cold... Zia-ul-Haq is killed in a plane crash which many in Pakistan believe was a work of CIA...

    1990s: US ignores Pakistan again now that it is no longer needed. India becomes the blue eyed baby.

    1998: India exploded nuclear device and threatens to attack Pakistan. World keeps mum. Pakistan reponds by its own nuke tests. India shuts up but US imposes sanctions on Pakistan...<third betrayel>

    2001: 9/11 again pushes US to seek its old ally in its was against terrorism. Pakistan as always ppl in Pakistan see a 4th betrayel in the making as US assures India that it will help India fight "terrorism" in Kashmir a veiled threat that Pakistan will suffer same fate as Afghnistan... No one realises that the terrorism in Kashmir is by Indian army....Look at the statistics.... tens of thousands of Kashmiris slaughtered by Indian occupation forces....yet when Kashmiris fight the Indian army they are labeled that token George Washington was a terrorist, Charles deGaulle was a terrororist, Nelson Mandela was even declared a terrorist by racist S.Africa...

    Pakistan is always there when US needed her...but US did not reciprocate.... we are a very emotional nation.... we love our friends but nobody likes to be betrayed...

    A very good post Puka Desi. This is what the american people should learn about their goverments. US has betrayed many nations, pakistan is just one of them.


      Nations/states/military/political powers do not have tilts or allys but interest.

      Until our leaders realize this fact they will continued to be betrayed.


        Excellent post.
        Well done pukka!

        Ours is not to reason why;
        Ours is but to do and die
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Yes the US government should learn about how to treat and be loyal to it's freinds and allies, but at the same time Pakistan should learn from mistakes from the past. We must not return to the days of reliance on only the US, instead we should look more regional. Our relationship with Great China must continue to grow from strength, and that is something we must never compromise on in our reinigorated relationship with the US. China is destined to be the number one economy in the world, it's economic might is sweeping through East Asia and now elsewhwre, we must take advantage of that.

          As importantly we must build a stronger and more strategic relationship with the big Muslim countries of the region - Iran, Saudi Arabia and the CAR's. China, regional Muslim countries along with relations with the US should be the pillars of our foreign policy in the future.


            The question is who needs whom the most? Certainly Pakistan military needs US to give full attention under any circumstances even keeping its own people hostage. Since Pakistan (military) has always behaved as beggars before US, therefore beggars can not be choosers and they have to absorb all kind of abuses from US. In present circumstance, donít even think otherwise. Unfortunately this disrespectful path has been chosen for the last more than two decades, therefore Pakistan military as well as common people are the victims of lack of self-esteem and self respect. The only salvation is through democracy and there is absolutely no other way to come out of this deep $hit except conducting fair and impartial elections with no experimentation.

            It is people of Pakistan to understand how to deal with US in proper manner and not the US to think how to please Pakis which will never happen. Keep this in your mind.




              Farid the army has not been beggars when it comes to the US or else we would not have been slapped with sanctions in the early 90's and especially in 98.

              The army could have listened to the americans and not gone for the nuclear tests but instead they did the right thing and since 98 we have had to look at other ways to support the army.

              As far as the US and Pakistan are concerned - I think the majority of Pakistanis know that the US is as matlabi an "Ally" as one could have.

              No one trusts the americans and no one ever will.But several years of mis rule has destroyed our economy, and we dont have the liberty to play "regional super power" at the moment so we are doing the right thing by supporting them.We have to rebuild our economy - and thats the priority for the govt.

              When the economy is strong - then defense capabilities get stronger - and as a result - Pakistan will have more leverage when it comes to negotiating to a strong position.

              The beggars in this case are not the army guys but rather the entire work force in Pakistan who are desperate to see an upturn in economic fortunes.


                More military bashing, good to see you haven't changed Farid.

                Ours is not to reason why;
                Ours is but to do and die
                You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                  Originally posted by CM:
                  More military bashing, good to see you haven't changed Farid.

                  I'm surpised he hasn't brought Punjabi's into it this time.



                    ďAs far as the US and Pakistan are concerned - I think the majority of Pakistanis know that the US is as matlabi an "Ally" as one could have.Ē

                    Then why our dictators agree to each order given by Uncle Sam without the consideration of majority of Pakistanis? If Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, who are more faithful ally to US then Pakis, flatly refuse some of the orders why not Pakistan, unless Paki Fauj behaves like beggar as I already said. Why can not we make friendly relations with US without compromising self-respect and self esteem?


                    Please prove if my bashing is without any grounds? No one bashes its own military unless it behaves military of another country and obeys orders without consideration of their own countrymen on whose taxes they survive.

                    Malik 73,
                    "I'm surpised he hasn't brought Punjabi's
                    into it this time"

                    Aa bail mujhe mar.

                    Military means 90% Punjabis. Do you have any doubt about it? Prove if I am wrong. Perhaps that is one of the reason you do not bash military, even if their policies lead to further breakup. Isnít it the truth?

                    Thousands of innocent people died and still dying in Afghanistan just because of the policies of ISI and your beloved military. How far this genocide will go no one knows for which military is/will be responsible. Some one has to pay the price of killing of innocent children, women, and old and sick men due to American bombing. Do you know that US have dropped more firepower in Afghanistan then Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined?




                      Farid is right in some respects about the military...but the fact of the matter is that its not the military or civil govt that is to be blamed.....Its a small clique of ppl who have been ruling us....they are in the army they are in politics they are big landlords.... the common pakistani never had a say..... again it would not matter while considering PAK-US relations.... US would have done the same whether we had military rule or civilian rule......

                      An intersting point to not is that the best PAK-US relations have been during military regimes and worst have been during so called democracy.... so this argument is baseless...

                      what really matters is that we should try to develop our economy and stop putting our leg in paray phadday..... once our economy is strong world will pay attention to us and respect us....

                      look at bangladesh.... their economy is doing really a strong economy...but good enough for a third world country...... look at malaysia, despite the economic shock they recently receive their economy is still in a pretty good shape....

                      coming back to the original topic.... US does not care if a country is democratic or not ... as long as it serves US interests...which is fine....that is how we must act....keep pakistans interests above every thing.... we can only attain self respect if our leaders rise above thier personal wishes and work for Pakistan.... and our ppl should rise above thier ethnic and linguistic animosities and be Pakistanis first....