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Musharraf’s support for America spells destruction for Pakistan

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    Musharraf’s support for America spells destruction for Pakistan

    Musharrafs support for America spells destruction for Pakistan

    The spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Pakistan Mr. Naveed Butt said that On the 20th of September, Musharraf assured the nation that by supporting Americas war on Afghanistan, Pakistan the fort of Islam would not be damaged.

    However, events since then reveal that Musharraf himself has declared a war on Islam and has begun a campaign to subjugate the nation to the will of
    America. With the purging of the Islamists in the army and the ISI, handing over of our nuclear scientists and navy officials to Americans for
    interrogation, banning of jihadi groups, giving bases to US forces which are in close proximity to our nuclear assets, muzzling of Islamists, changing
    the educational curriculum of the deeni madaris and providing unstinted support to American efforts in replacing Taliban with the Northern alliance-all of this has severely undermined Pakistans stability and security.

    Mr Butt said that this should come as no surprise because for the last fifty-four years our rulers have used Pakistan to protect the interests of the America at the expense of the ummah and Islam. The disintegration of Pakistan in 1971, the use of Pakistan as a front line state to support the
    Afghan Jihad in order to expel the soviets in the eighties, the surrender of Kargil to the Indians in 1999 and now the installation of an anti-Pakistan
    government in Kabul have all served American strategic objectives. In return, America has given Pakistan only breadcrumbs and has reduced her to a failed state.

    Mr. Butt added that the time has come for the ummah to liberate herself from these rulers, who in practice do nothing more than sacrifice her interests inexchange for safeguarding the interest of western powers. This cannot be achieved by calling for the present leadership to be replaced by another, unless the system, which produces subservient leaders to the west, is fundamentally changed. The correct solution is to establish Khilafah Rashida, which will produce a generation of leaders sincere to the ummah and Islam.


    Butt should be this guys first name... as in Butthead.

    Musharaf has done a good job of looking out for the welfare of Pakistans citizens, he should be commended.


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