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Pakistans Red Carpet Flaying at the Edges?

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    Pakistans Red Carpet Flaying at the Edges?

    Here's the link for Ayaz Amir's latest on DAWN. I know Paki Guppies don't like him too much, atleast the heavyweights like Malik,Xtreme,CM etc., but I think he is OK
    The chief complaint seems to be he is too pessimistic. On the otherhand he has the decency to eat his own words when events proove him wrong.
    Please go through the article and read the comments I made on the excerpts and tell me what you think.
    Now I don't believe in doomsday scenarios like Pakistan getting cut up again or nukes falling in rogue's hands yada yada. Kuchh nahin hoga. The subcontinent has a strong additiction for lethargy ,misery and corruption.
    Not just Pak and India but the whole sub-continent dosn't have that Faustian yearning,
    that sense of direction that distinguished Europeans and Turks and Arabs(The religion and it's propagation were just a mask put on that yearning.)
    >>The truth is the Taliban have been beaten. The truth also is that the American military doctrine, first crafted during the Gulf War, and much later re-tested in Serbia, has come out on top again. The two key principles of this doctrine are: (1) strike from the air and avoid a ground war - unless of course your enemy has been reduced to pulp; and (2) always choose an enemy who cannot hit back. It's like a heavyweight always choosing featherweight opponents<<
    Well even I could have told Pak establishment that!! The second point is known as Powell's dcotrine.
    >>But with the military situation having dramatically changed, Pakistan's importance as a front-line state has also rapidly altered. Our airspace and bases were crucial before November 13. Now the Americans have a whole range of other options. <<
    I think he is too pessimistic. Pakistan is still useful.(Pakistan never was "Important" for US the same way Europe,China,Russia are)
    I don't think US has any intention of building Afghanistanlike it did Japan.

    >>For 20 years - that is, since Ziaul Haq's time - Pakistan has been in the grip of state fundamentalism: a mindset manifested in (1) our pursuit of nuclear status; (2) our obsession with Afghanistan; and (3) our attitude to Kashmir. At the altar of these sacred shibboleths all other aspects of national life, including democracy and sound economics, have been sacrificed.<<
    What do ya think?

    It is instructive to recall that when justifying Pakistan's joining the US war effort, among the four reasons General Musharraf cited, two related to protecting the Kashmir cause and our 'nuclear assets', the irony no doubt being lost on him that supposedly our greatest strength had turned in a moment of danger into our biggest weakness.

    At long last we have a chance to give Pakistan a new direction so that it looks ahead instead of back. We have a chance to cure the Pakistani state of its delusions of persecution and grandeur. The world is not out to get us (persecution). Nor are we a fortress of Islam destined to fulfil messianic dreams (grandeur). <<
    All correct. But I think he himself is suffering from some of the syndromes he is complaining about in his country.
    Because in the very next sentence he says..
    >>This does not mean we resile from our stand on Kashmir. <<
    Well Pakistan will HAVE TO change it's stance on Kashmir. Logic alone dictates that. THe approach it has taken over the last 55 years has not worked out did it.?
    As usual I request all guppies not to deviate from the topic at hand!!

    This idiot needs to make his mind up. He flips and flops like fish out of water. Anyway, the core point of your post is obviously Kashmir issue. However, unless India can somehow persuade US to bomb Pakistan on India's behalf, i don't really see what difference it makes.

    In fact even the Afghanistan issue hasn't been resolved yet, with many scenarios still to be played out.


      [QUOTE]Originally posted by Mr Xtreme:
      This idiot needs to make his mind up. He flips and flops like fish out of water.

      but u only put his article in last issue with lot of fanfare on the board. how an author who was gifting pearls of wisdom last friday turned to a complete idiot in one week?


        Good point ZZ. There really is no cure when you insist on hearing only what you want to hear.
        By the way Xtreme Kashmir was NOT the core point of my post.
        It happens to be the last on Ayaz Amir's check list.
        He like every other Pakistani I have seen, seems to be more concerned with issues outside the country rather than inside.
        The way I see it, one prop of Pakistan's foreign policy is gone. An NA or a "Broad Based" govt. in Kabul won't let Pakistan have any say in it's affairs.
        Kashmir is the second crutch.
        Let's see what happens


          Amir is an idiot.
          No matter what he writes.

          Ours is not to reason why;
          Ours is but to do and die
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


            but u only put his article in last issue with lot of fanfare on the board. how an author who was gifting pearls of wisdom last friday turned to a complete idiot in one week?
            I put his article on this board last week because what he said was right. Pakistan was in danger of cutting itself off from allies in order to keep opportunists like US happy. Bad enough, but to do it without any concrete comittments from the US was too hasty.

            I agree that to spend too much time on kashmir is a waste of time and money. For the simple reason that Indians pose no credible threat to Pakistan in any case.


              Originally posted by CM:
              Amir is an idiot.
              No matter what he writes.

              Are you refering to Ayaz Amir? He is a moron of the highest order and since he was kicked out of some govt. job hes gone bananas.