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KARACHI - ITEM OF Rs. 450/- AT RS.75/-

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    KARACHI - ITEM OF Rs. 450/- AT RS.75/-

    According to DAWN Correspondence (15 October) Karachi telephone Directories have once again been delayed on a flimsy ground that department wanted to include phones of new city Nazims.

    The last Karachi phone directory published was of 1996. Though the department claimed having it distributed to all subscribers none from my area had then mid 1997 received. Some people even form other areas had complaints in press. I found these directors in bulk with a Liquatabad footpath vendor and I purchased one directory comprises 3 volumes. At the same time a news item from Lahore dateline appeared that PTCL had paid full payment to the contractor but directories were actually not printed and sources claimed investigation. I approached the Federal Ombudsman claiming Rs. 450/ refund. PTCL unlike its usual habit to prove complainant subscriber was always wrong in this particular case instead saying usual complainant had no proof, this and that, in a strange promptness straightaway replied department had prepared refund voucher of Rs. 450/-. Thus very tactfully the attention to main core issue was diverted, even the ombudsman did not consider that namely “while genuine subscribers had not got how the new edition of directories were available at foot paths”.

    At this stage I approached Ombudsman that actually I purchased this set at Rs. 75/- only and not at Rs. 450/- official price and I may be refunded only Rs. 75/- which actually I spent. . Despite my keep writing frequently to concerned Revenue Officer I never got this refund Rs. 75/-. When I approached through Chairman PTCL I got a very funny reply that after ombudsman order “you did not approach us to get refund”. Was my so many letters not my “approach”?

    After orders of an Ombudsman for refund “was I myself needed to approach applying and requesting before His Lordship Revenue Officer for refund or it was that His Lordship Revenue Officer should himself in compliance with country’s ombudsman orders automatically at his own approached me and refunded”, this point no body is ready to take note of or give an answer, even the ombudsman office.

    Till this date of 24th October 2001, years have passed I have got no intimation of refund and I am now contemplating to approach Federal Ombudsman with a formal petition to take note against Chairman PTCL under Non Compliance section of P.O.I of 1982”.

    But point is Rs,. 450/- new directory being sold at Rs. 75/- only at foothpath..