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    Afghan envoy asked to stop daily briefings: Diplomatic norms being violated:

    By Our Staff Reporter

    ISLAMABAD, Nov 6: Afghan Ambassador in Islamabad, Abdul Salam Zaeef was summoned to the
    Foreign Office on Tuesday and conveyed displeasure of the United States over his daily press
    briefings , giving out details of incessant allied forces bombing in Afghanistan, an official source said.

    Afghan ambassador was asked to stop his daily briefing as it did not conform with the diplomatic
    norms, the official said.

    The foreign office pointed out that under the diplomatic conventions no diplomat could address a
    press conference against a third country, he said. However, at the daily foreign office briefing when
    the spokesman, Aziz Khan, was asked about the summoning of Mulla Zaeef, said that it was a routine
    visit and there was nothing significant about it.

    The press briefings of Mulla Zaeef giving details of human casualties and exposing target bombing of
    the allied forces had been drawing great attention of international media present in the federal capital
    to cover the war against terrorism.

    Though Mulla Zaeef has been banned for holding press conferences, the United States Information
    Services has stepped up its propaganda war.

    All the local newspapers as well as international media organizations are getting handouts daily from
    the office of Public Affairs Department of US Embassy accusing the Taliban of lying and exaggerating
    human casualties.

    On Tuesday, they issued a handout under a heading 'catalogue of lies' in which the claims of human
    casualties by the Taliban or successes of the Taliban militia against allied forces had been refuted.

    There are reports that the US embassy in Islamabad has decided to set up a special media centre for
    national and international media. A similar centre is also being set up in London, a diplomatic source

    The decision of setting up these centres is being viewed as a reflection of growing perception in the
    US administration that they had lost on the propaganda front against the Taliban who had access to
    the outside world only through their embassy in Islamabad.

    Islamabad has already put an unofficial ban on the cable operators to provide transmission of
    al-Jazeera TV to their subscribers.

    The US authorities at the highest level had also shown their displeasure over the coverage of
    al-Jazeera TV, which was the only international channel present in Kabul on Oct 7, when the US air
    force launched attack against the Kabul regime.

    Later, the Taliban authorities took some representatives of international media organization to
    Kandahar, to get the first hand information about collateral damages.
    at first even though i supported taliban fully...i never thouhgt against the pakistani government...i said hey they were pressed to the wall and its not their fault..but this is toooo much....there is a limit on how much a$$ can u kiss of americans before you start smelling like one....and musharraf has crossed it....

    I agree.

    If the Pakistan government has really done this, its pathetic. The US government and the media have turned out to be the worst manipulators of information and worst propagandists ever. I dont disagree with Pakistans stance on the actions that it took initially, but to go so far as to bar the ambassador from holding press briefings is ridiculous.


      How much more can the Paksistan government sell out on there muslims brothers in afghanistan this is truly the pits. Its a clear case of American Government saying jump and Pakistan Government saying how high!




          Listening to Taleban wasn't bad. They have emerged as far more accurate than Pentagon, which has really lost it. They only talk propaganda. Taleban have propaganda mixed with facts.

          The media in Pakistan now has a VERY important role to play. They are the lone voice of 'balance' left. I hope they live upto the expectations.

          I still see Pakistan playing it nicely.. Do what the US wants and keep supporting the Taleban covertly by letting people sneak in there carrying whatever arms they want. ISI is really proving be to an International level agency.
          JaddoN kaddya jaloos ghareeba tay shehr ich choatalee lug gayee


            Originally posted by PakistaniAbroad:
            ISI is really proving be to an International level agency.
            Oh yeah, an international level agency in backstabbing its agents. It has learnt a lot from CIA.



              The Pakistani government just cant have enough of Yankee a$$, can it!
              Hey by the way, isnt that what we all want or at least a piece of it