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    Hope for Peace

    The variety of viewpoints that criticize are many, but the majority of people want peace, and for all peoples to be free in their pursuit of happiness. For me as an American, that means this struggle should have an outcome that includes benefits for the families of Pakistan, families in Afghanistan, and families in America. The senseless death of innocents is not welcome. We want world peace and freedom. And yes, God is great, Allah is great, and what is going on in Afghanistan, and here, has nothing to do with the Creator, but seems more about the Destroyer of Life. So, let's hope that communicating more between our two parts of the world will change the way some of our colleagues think. And in that change, perhaps a better, more peaceful world will emerge. We all have work to do!

    Ahh - what would the world be without optimistic liberals

    Anyway, there is a lot of work to do as you pointed out.But so far,no one is really doing anything to get the ball rolling, are they.

    Dropping bombs over the left overs of a country known as Afghanistan can hardly clear the path to a rosy future.