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Musharraf meeting/exceeding West’s expectation

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    Musharraf meeting/exceeding West’s expectation

    Todays NYTimes has a big write-up praising Musharraf for bending backward to ensure that the US Military objectives of ousting Taliban and killing al-Qaeda network of Terrorists do no face any hindrance from Pakistan. In other words, Musharraf has clrealy abandoned Taliban as a used hankie. Can he be trusted?

    My personal opinion is that his arm was twisted.

    Its more than a twisted arm....

    Originally posted by mAd_ScIeNtIsT:

    I said it before, and I'll sya it again. America is holding a gun against Pakistan's head and forcing us to do what it wants, knowing that we are too weak to resist. It's "shoving" a fist full of cash at us just to try to appear civilised.

    بِن دانا پانی میں جی لواں
    بِن انَک میں جی نہ سکاں