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Pakistans next on chopping block....?

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    Pakistans next on chopping block....?

    colin powell assured the indians that terrorism in Kashmir will be dealt with severly....thus giving the indians the green if they needed any....they had started their game even as mushy was toasting powell in islamabad....

    there is something wrong with the picture...

    lets first understand difference b/w terrorist and freedom fighter...

    -> freedom fighters struggle is directed against occupation forces.... george washington, french underground, subash chandar bose, were all freedom fighters...and so are the kashmiris...
    -> terrorists are fighting civilians who may or may not even be in their country...KKK, MQM, timothy Mcveigh, are all terrorists. so r the ppl who blew up WTC.

    -> freedom fighters struggle to keep/win their freedoms, thier struggle is for a just cause and ends when the goal is met... minute men stopped fighting when US became independent, french underground ceased fire when france was liberated, kashmiris will lay down their arms when the get their right of self determination.
    -> terrorist fight to snatch others freedoms. their struggle is based on HATE racial, religious, political etc... KKK has been killing blacks for almost 140 yrs, they will keep killing them as long as there is a single black man alive in the US.

    someone in washington either wants US to get into deep s**t or wants to provoke pakistan so that it can be taught a lesson...and they r going at great lenghts to ensure that pakistani ppl and government are provoked into doing something stupid to infuriate the Us public opinion so much that pakistan can be toasted easily allowing india to become the chaudhry of asia controlling the arabs, central asia and keeping tabs on china....

    but we have been told "Remember how the Unbelievers plotted against thee, to keep thee in bonds, or slay thee, or get thee out (of thy home). They plot and plan, and Allah too plans; but the best of planners is Allah." [Quran 8:30.6]

    I have been on this board for over 5 weeks and every week I have brought up the fact that Pakistan is getting used and will be next on the list...

    Wake up! The US sincerely thanks you for your help. Now about your policies...


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        Originally posted by pukka desi:
        Could be the 'Night befor Christmas' for all I know. How about something in English next time.

        K R U S T Y

        I wrote that really slow because I know you can not read fast...


          go learn urdu