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Will Pushtuns revolt?

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    Will Pushtuns revolt?

    As the conflict continues and more innocent Afghans die, will Pushtuns revolt against Pakistan? Everyone from Pashtun nationalists and Pushtun Islamists are angry with Pakistan. What would stop them from revolting when they see their brothers in Afghanistan dieing and Pakistani government being part of this agressive US plan.

    I am already seeing some very angry responses from Pushtuns, who generally were pro-Pakistan before, but now are cursing Musharraf the Indian immigrant on betraying the Pushtun nation.

    I think the prospect of a complete 1971 type aituation is very real if protests get even more violent and the Pakistan army is used against the people of the frontier. Couple with this the reports of US troops in Pakistan, possibly launching commondo rais on Afghanistan.

    Pakistan's very existance is under threat right now. Not an exageration by me.

    Correction - that is indeed an exageration by you. First of all, the Pushtuns are a part of Pakistan. They have sympathy for the people in Afghanistan like many others however that will not make them betray their country.

    What you're talking about are the refugees from Afghanistan who have been sliding their way into our country for years. They are not Pakistanis. They are refugees. Most of them who arrived here prior to July 2000 are spread out all over the NWFP and Balouchistan. These people do not have any documents and are not citizens of Pakistan. As soon as they are found they will be deported. These are the people you see on the streets who call for jihad and have destroyed public property over the last few days.

    Courtesy .. The News, Karachi.

    President General Pervez Musharraf on Thursday sounded a warning that tough measures would be taken against law-breakers and those trying to launch any agitation, protest or demonstration.

    Chairing a high-level inter-provincial meeting on law and order, the president also assured that mosques would not be allowed to be used for disruptive activities but they will remain places for worship only. "All Afghan refugees involved in these anti-law activities will be sent back."
    He directed that the law-enforcement agencies and the provincial governments should not hesitate in taking strong action in case they find protestors trying to turn violent.
    The Minister for Interior said "We believe in freedom of expression in a peaceful way. But it does not mean that one would be allowed to go unchecked if he takes the law into his hands," said Moinuddin Haider. He said there was loss of lives and property when some extremists expressed their views. "We would not spare these elements and would enforce law strictly."

    Moinuddin, even said that the government would be pleased to send all those, particularly Maulana Fazlur Rehman to Afghanistan for joining Jihad, if they wish so.

    Basically the Govt. is playing hardball. They are doing the right thing. Pushutuns who are Pakistanis support the govt - and there is no threat of them taking to the streets. The govt is basically daring the extremist fools like Fazul Rehman to go and wage his jihad in Afghanistan along with the Afghani refugees who have been casuing trouble - none of them have the balls to step outside of Pakistan.


      I hope you're right but I think your being over confident. Perhaps any Pushtun would like to comment on the situation, as they know best.



        Our's not to reason why,
        Our's but to do and die:
        You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


          Pashtuns are angry..that innocents of them same ethnicity are dying . But the demonstrations haven't been very large scale.
          historically Pashtuns are famous for this kinda stuff..when someone whips em into a frenzy..usually an outsider.We smear our own ..!
          How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?


            >>But the demonstrations haven't been very large scale.

            True, but I wonder why?


              What happened in the WTC is hard to defend...I suppose the longer the bombing goes on the more people in the main stream will start getting involved.
              How can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of his fathers and the Temple of his Gods?