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Can we expect this in our country??? certainly not.

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    Can we expect this in our country??? certainly not.

    A news piece dated 23 August 2001 from Mombay India says Mombay High Court in a far reaching decision has directged Mombay Municipality to re-construct at its own cost and hand over to the resident owners 63 kutcha huts which Municipality destroyed recently destroyed without any notice.

    We keep reading such news pieces in our presss. For example in Karachi often on floor or two floors of residential complexes are removed by Karachi Building Control Authority saying these floors were constructed against approved plans. These floors did not came up and completed in a night. It took months to complete. KBCA has field inspectors and staff who keep monitoring in respect areas but during the construction period they remain "blind". The demoliation is only done after builder has fully completed the illegal excess floors, handed over to allottees, got full payment from allottees and allottees have settled so loss if of allottees and builder is safe.

    There are high courts and Sindh ombudsman in Karachi. We have never heard any news item where eg. Sindh ombudsman using his power to take note at his own could had issued such a far reaching decision directing KBCA to reconstruct at the cost of KBCA's concerned staff who remained for months "blind" during construction period of these excessively built floors of these damaged flats at its own and hand over the affected allottees as these excessive floors never reached complete stage unless Builders provided some "sweet" to KBCA concerned staff.

    No, of course we cannot expect such a decision here in our country.

    We don't need to compare ourselves to india.

    Our's not to reason why,
    Our's but to do and die:
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