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    Situation Report Pak02

    A 3 hour shelling between Taliban and Pak army took place at Afghan-Pakistan border. No loss of life was reported. Two russian made Helicopters were forced back to Afghanistan while trying to enter Pakistani Air space, Ary-digital reports, 11:35pm PST 09 Oct 2001

    Afghanistan is an Oil rich country, and two world leaders in oil industry are fighting over projects in Afghanistan which were not welcomed by the Taliban Regime. Ary-digital confirmed, 12:00am PST 10 Oct 2001

    A Pak-Bharat war wave is under discussion among situation analysts forums. India MAY attack Pakistan following the US-Allies footstep in order to eradicate terrorist camps that according to the mis-leading Indian analysts charge as training camps which according to them produce mujahideens sent to Kashmir. India from the very first day, in wake of 11 Sep. attrocities is into struggle to declare Pakistan as a terrorist harboring country, which was neutralised by Pervez Musharrafs decision. Star News forums report and local new papers report 12:05am PST

    5 protesters were reported killed in protests around Pakistan. Different newspapers report. various lahore news paper report 8:00am PST

    All Macdonalds branches in lahore are provided with police surveillance and backup to avoid any unwelcome event. eye witness reports 10:00am PST

    Intelligence and law enforcement and private security agencies are at red alert througout Lahore.