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    Situation Report Pak01

    Pakistan's airspace was used by U.S. and British forces to launch attacks Oct. 7 against targets in Afghanistan, Defense Ministry officials said, AP reported. 2020 GMT

    Jang, a Pakistani news service, reported that a Taliban official said Sunday that they had shot down an unidentified plane in southern Afghanistan. This report is unconfirmed. 2155 GMT

    Pakistan daily Dawn reports that, in a pre-recorded message broadcast today on Qatar-based al-Jazeera television channel shortly after the start of the U.S. attacks on Afghanistan, Osama bin Laden said, "I swear to God that America will no longer know security before Palestine knows it and before all the infidel Western armies leave the (Islamic) holy lands." 2105 GMT

    Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf reportedly sidelined two pro-Taliban generals, Lt. Gen. Mohammad Aziz Khan and Lt. Gen. Muzaffar Usmani, in a reshuffle Oct. 8, reports AP. 1655 GMT

    A high wave of protest strikes Pakistan. Protesters seen burning tyres and road blocking in Gulberg and inner city, report from Lahore. All events have been cancelled. Businesses face ailing economics. Dollar is seen declining. Oct. 9, reports eye witness. 1035 PST

    Thank you for this. It is nice to get the news from a real person in Pakistan. The news in Britain is so biased I cannot bear to watch any of it.