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Wonderful Ways of En Cashing the WTC Tragedy

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    Wonderful Ways of En Cashing the WTC Tragedy

    Every one seems to en cash the incident by showing full cooperation to west for war against terrorism. Every country with the exception of very few, is in a race to grab as many $s or 'Aashiwar of Uncle Sam, as they can get. India wanted to come first in this race, though Pakistan is also not far behind in this race. The incident has suddenly made friends as foes and foes as friends. ‘Kaash koi mujh ko samjhata, Meri smajh main kuch nahi aata’ The biggest democracy in the world, India has started bashing Pakistan first by exploding bomb which killed most of the Muslims in Kashmir while Jaswant Singh was in USA, proving that this horrendous act was done by jihadis with the help of Pakistan.

    The bashing of Muslims particularly Pakistanis by Indians not stopped here when Indian intelligence planned a drama of hijacking of airplane. BBC was telecasting live this drama when plane landed at Delhi. I could see worries on the faces of relatives of passengers, where one lady was telling that hijackers were now in cockpit and negotiating with administration. It was implied that Pakistanis hijacked the plane and they wanted to take the airplane to Karachi. The drama was a complete flop when planted hijackers were not boarded from Bombay. There are two versions one is that it was hoax, the other is that, leaders in India were telling that it was just an exercise. If it was an exercise then why the hell attention of whole world was invited? For a moment it never gave an impression that it was a drama. This drama could have been a success story if those planted hijackers boarded on the plane. India then could have played a trump card before Tony Blair who was going to meet Musharraf. Had that hijacking was success, Musharraf’s position would have further gone down in the deep****.

    The enemies of Islam and Muslims, whose only intention is to bash Muslims and make them crippled at this opportunity, should think 100 times before they act. If you are planning an action then ALLAH IS A BIG PLANNER.


    Well could i be guided as to which language does the word "Aashirwar" belong to????
    So much for the penchant for India bashing!!