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    Support President Musharaf

    All pakistanis should STAND by our president in all his Decisions. We should salute the President in his achievements in tackling poverty and corruption in Pakistan. We should also FULLY SUPPORT the President in the coming weeks. With sanctions being lifted by President Bush, Pakistan can continue on the Road to economic Prosperity. PEACE and PROSPERITY should be the Goal for all Pakistanis. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.


    in my opnion, democracy is only a valid option for Pakistan if our literacy rate is atleast 50% (for both men and women)


      mr.nomaan. Sure Pakistans literacy rate is low but everyone has to start somewhere !

      President Musharaf has done more for Pakistan in the last year than any of the Civilian leaders could do in 10 years.

      If you are implying that civilian rule may not help in increasing the literacy rate in pakistan ?. I think youve got a point.
      However, Civilian RULE will return at some stage , lets hope that Education plays a very important role in that Government.

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        As-salaam a lai kum,

        i was intrigued by your statements, and would like that, we do not need to support the President for his actions.

        The reason is, as Muslims, our basis, for our emotions, and our thoughts must be in line with what Allah, and His beloved messenger has brought, May Allah shower blessings upon him.

        We have attachments to Pakistan, not becasue of it being a nationalist state, no obsolutley not, The reason why we have attachment to Pakistan, becasue it is meant to be based upon the basis of La illaha illal la Muhammad ur rasoolallah.

        So our interests, must always be what Islam demands, and What Islam forbids, must surely be what is detrimental to us.

        So in light of Islam, we need to look at the actions of our President, and see if they are in the interest of Islam.

        He the president, has closed the border with Afhanistan, becaue the US demands it, and has casued the divison, of our brothers, our sisters, our mothers, and fathers from Afhanistan. The reason is becasue they fear that the US will use paksitan, as a basis, to bomb them. We have been asked by Allah, the supreme, to be united. Yet our president is maintaining divisions.

        Our president, has weakened our security, which was in our hands, and given the US, footholds into Pakistan.

        We did not need to fear, the US. We are a strong, and resilant people. We are a nuclear power, we have a big military, we have natural resources. We are a nation that can bepart of a global state, the Khilafah State.

        But the policies that the west, led by the US, have forced upon us, which has caused the problems for us. Our economy suffers due to the loans, and debt demands of the West, and due to the capitalist system that has been implemented, where the rich get mega rich, and the poor, continue to starve. Our political medium, is infilterated, by people whose interests, is to serve there masters the US, or the West. Whether it has been the Bhutto's, or the Shrif's, and now the Musharraff's. This has been throughout our history.

        So should i shall support this president, whom I did not have a chance to vote for, who usurped the authority, that Allah has given us. I will not support a president who, has shown, time and time again, that his interests are not the interests of what Allah and his messengers , peace be upon him, have said.

        Our allegence must be what Allah and his messenger have demanded, at all times. This is only when we will be successful, in this life and the the next too.

        Your dear brother,
        Abu Shuayb


          Who do you think in your opnion deserves our support?

          Lets just talk about Pakistan. You've ruled out the major political parties, and the military. Whos left?
          The JI? MQM? Some other religious party? Majority of the popluation doesn't want these fanatics. They can't hold peaceful rallies for one, they act like ghundas, call strikes all over the country and then beatup/kill anyone who doesn't share their point of view. They beat the religion drum, trying to take everyone on a guilt trip, when in their own strong hold areas, we don't see Islam implemented like they want to implement all over pakistan.

          what is your solution? I'd like to hear that.

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            nomaan i understand what you are saying, but what Abu Shuayb is correct.

            There are alot of problems most of which are caused by the elite in pakistan and not the religous parties. The ghundas are from those political parties looking for their own gain. Have any of the governments ever talked about their own mistakes. They only talk about the mistakes of their biggest opposition (which today are the religous parties), they use this as propaganda to hold their position. I have never seen a single religous party tell their members to go out and attack anyone and they never will, this what the goverment doesn't want us to know.

            The people we need to support are those who look out for our interets and not the interests of US, like the current regime. These promises US is making to us, it has promised before and time after time it has let us down. We can only be successful in this world and the hereafter if we follow the way of Islam and not the way of the US.