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    For Administrator Only

    I would like to know why my two posts regarding Iran and Kashmir have been closed. I have not used any profanity and what I said repeated by many participants in other posts later on. It is ok if you come out of hypocrisy and tell me whatever reasons in your mind.

    I wonder on one hand you allow comments like these and close your eyes

    “Bloody hell Scarface what are you psycho?”
    “That is all they know how to do. Bloody idiots.”

    On the other hand you are putting locks on my posts without any reason. I have never used any foul or bad language like above in my posts unless some one invites trouble. But even then I do not use profanity like above.

    But remember, keep my posts for record for future, I can assure you, the future picture I have drawn, will not be any different if events occur as I pointed out.

    But this is what a typical Paki mentality is where it allows every kind of nonsense because of partisan behavior and on other hand squeezes the dissent or truth. This I had faced in Pakistan boldly, so is in this forum.

    I need your response to my above apprehensions. I will never visit your forum again if you want to, but be honest to say it clearly. You do not want to see the ugly side of the picture, which has ultimately faced by people of Pakistan later on.

    Otherwise I would like you to remove these locks so that I can respond to some of your chronic mental patients here to correct their mental attitude, who have nothing to do except stick their a55e5, 24 hours, with your program. BTW, I hope there are not the employees without pay of this forum.



    #2 might be a Punjabi conspiracy to subjugate the peace-loving Sindhi people from the land of Latif.

    What do you think?


      As you are using my quotes, the second one was in reference to the MQM not a poster here.

      Our's not to reason why,
      Our's but to do and die:
      You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


        Iran thread moved to World Affairs, where it belongs.
        Kashmir thread closed because of profanity. And plus, there is a Kashmir Affairs forum for Kashmir related issues.