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Reversed Roles of Pakistan

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    Reversed Roles of Pakistan

    A few observations . . . . .
    I guess everyone, including the unsuspecting American public, knows by now that the CIA helped train the Mujahedien with the help of the ISI. Certain factions of this former fighting force eventually became the Taliban and now here we are!

    Pakistan is partially to blame for the mess that lies on its Western border with former COAS Aslam Beg’s doctrine of “strategic depth” employed by the ISI to have Afghanistan on “their side!”

    I think the majority of Pakistanis will agree that Osama bin Laden is a menace to the world as a whole and especially to Islam. The Government of Pakistan is doing the right thing in helping the international community.

    Is it still the Free World vs. Communism? Perhaps! The Afghan war was financed by the CIA and other Arab states to stop Communist influence from spreading within South Asia. In that war Pakistan sided with the United States and India aligned itself with the Soviets.

    The role of India and Pakistan are now reversed. India has strongly aligned itself with the United States, and Pakistan’s growing friendship with Communist China is a source of concern for the United States. This war will not be fought on a battlefield but has its roots in Economics and Free Trade! At the end of it all India will likely get dumped like Pakistan did.

    I strongly opposed Pakistan’s decision to explode nuclear devices in 1998. At the time the United States promised Pakistan economic and military aid and India would have been condemned by the world community and sanctions imposed. But of course we would not listen to reason.

    Pakistan is now at the crossroads. It has been presented with an opportunity to reestablish itself in the world community as a responsible state. Helping the international coalition is good for many reasons.

    It helps Pakistan get much needed aid to boost a faltering economy.

    General Musharaf will now be viewed as a man the West can do business with. His presence, especially as the last secular COAS and head of states, is imperative for a more stable Pakistan.

    Military aid will help certain ailing sectors of the Armed Forces continue to meet “minimum deterrence”.

    The United States will be forced to take an active role in solving the Kashmir problem. India’s rejection of third party involvement is getting old and will play to their disadvantage.

    A crackdown on domestic terrorism (madrassas and extremist religious groups) is a possibility!

    Pakistan is reluctant to provide the United States with a staging area for an invasion, and rightly so. It cannot cope with the domestic backlash, and not to mention the security threat to its nuclear weapons. China, is also concerned with a growing US presence in the region. I hope the US does not invade Afghanistan from the Northern Areas like Russia did; a similar fate might await them!

    The International Community wants the Taliban to leave but the alternative is not good for Pakistan. The northern alliance is already angry at Pakistan and would surely be a hostile regime. US troops could never really be present in Afghanistan on a permanent basis. There are too many uncertainties and risks from the various factions that hold a grudge against them for abandonment.

    The Pakistan Army maintains extremely rigid control over nuclear weapons and facilities. Most of these weapons are probably not even assembled. Any US attempt to neutralize these weapons would be met by fierce resistance from the Pakistan Armed Forces and also the people of Pakistan. Nuclear Weapons are ‘crown jewels’ to Pakistanis and the Army is unlikely to let a situation develop where National Security is threatened. In the event of any civil war situation the Army would take over without hesitation.

    In the long run, I pray that this act of sensibility by President Musharaf helps my country regain its rightful place as the land of the Pure, and we finally adhere to the ideals of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) and live up to the expectations of our beloved Quaid.