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Iran, The Only Muslim Country Which Behaved Sensibly

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    Iran, The Only Muslim Country Which Behaved Sensibly

    Ayatollah Khamnai, refused to cooperate with USA in war against Afghanistan. He said we are neither with America nor with terrorist.

    USA has seemed to react out of proportion by mobilizing its war machinery for getting only one prime suspect. A few commandos with the help of Pakistan (Pakistan has already betrayed by getting few bucks from USA) could catch hold of him and handed over to International Court of Justice, rather than spending billions of dollars in this operation. This seems more like making Muslim countries “Khassi” (impotent) like it did to Iraq.

    Sustained operation means establishing of USA troops for long, long period of time controlling the Muslims of Central and South Asia.


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    And they have no relations with the US or the international community that is why it is easy for them.
    They have virtually no trade or diplomatic relations.
    The Iranis have done what is good in their favor.
    And the CE has done what is good for pakistan.
    You are just a sad sad person when you can't even support your own people, forget the govt, people while live better when we have no sanctions.

    Our's not to reason why,
    Our's but to do and die:
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!