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We are giving US another chance!

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    We are giving US another chance!

    I came across this article. And how true it reads!

    Bush says he giving Pakistan another Chance!

    The other day President Bush in his Oval press conference after a
    rather long poignant pause said to a questioner, “We will give Pakistan
    an other chance”, implying that as if Pakistan had not come up to their
    expectations so far yet they will give Pakistan an other chance to prove
    its bonafides.

    No, Uncle Sam, it is the other way round. It is Pakistan who is giving you yet
    an other chance. Liaqat Ali Khan gave you the first chance over Russia in
    the early fifties. The infamous U-2 Buddaber air base was the second
    chance we gave you which made Khrushchev draw red circle around

    The third chance was voting against China's admittance to the UNO time and again on your behest. The fourth
    chance we gave you was by bridging the gap between you and China by flying Kessinger to Beijing incognito. We
    gave you umpteen chances by playing to your tune in almost all International political and other matters. And then we
    finally made you emerge as the only Superman in the world by shattering and disintegrating the Union of Soviet
    Socialist Republics, by fighting your proxy war in Afghanistan for 9 long years.

    No doubt you supplied the weapons but we supplied the brain and bran by being the front line nation against the big
    bear. And my dear Uncle Sam, what did you do to us ? Not only left us alone in our 65 war with India but also placed
    an embargo on the supply of badly needed spares for the armament and aircraft of your origin ! You left us at the
    mercy of Shastri of India and their trusted friend Kosygen of Russia at the Tashkent parleys ! Where were you then
    and why did you not raise even a feeble voice in our favour ? 71 war was even worse for us. You know we lost one
    half of our country in that war ? Your 7th Fleet went round the Bay of Bengal without even sending a routine
    encouraging message to our encircled and beleaguered troops there! We were so sure of its intervention that we did
    not even respond to our Chinese friends' offer who were simply perplexed as to why we were not invoking their eager
    and ever ready help !! And then, what did you do to us after we had served your purpose in Afghanistan and you did
    not need us any more ? Killed our President along with a posse of our best army generals, though you had to kill your
    Rafael also in the process ! Impose sanctions of all kinds on us. With hold delivery of our 40 F-16s for which we had
    paid in advance from our own resources and which have neither been delivered as yet nor the money returned. On
    the top of it millions of dollars were being asked as the Ware Housing charges for the planes kept forcibly by you in
    your hangers ! And then comically Soya Beans offered in lieu of the F-16s for what ever amount was left payable !!

    Uncle Sam, you shattered our economy by manoeuvring with the IMF, World Bank, various aid giving countries like
    Germany, Japan and UK, various aid giving consortiums and whatever else you could think of. All why ?, because we
    detonated the bomb in reply to the Indians explosion. No, this was the excuse you were looking for to woo the Indians
    for their huge consumer market. And you just discarded us as a useless ally, once considered by you as the ally of
    allies !

    The list is long, and yet Pakistan is giving you an other chance by surrendering its soil and air to you. By antagonising
    the Afghans, who are reputed to be the best friends and worst enemies. By putting at stake the peace within its own
    boundaries from the dissident Jihadi groups. By weakening its stance on Kashmir cause, a matter of life and death for
    Pakistan. Hope you realize it all and will also stand by us in our hour of need next time.
    Yesterday is but today's memory, Tomorrow is today's dream!

    Yes we are giving them the chance, but they are too bloody arrogant to realize that.

    Our's not to reason why,
    Our's but to do and die:
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Originally posted by CM:
      Yes we are giving them the chance, but they are too bloody arrogant to realize that.

      As the reality is kicking in cowboys statements are changing.

      He started with wiping out terrorism from the face of the earth now he is talking about terrorism with global reach only
      Soon he will be talking about terrorism with US reach only.....

      Yeah sure cowboy is giving us another chance alright


        These international politics remind me so much of the personal relationships we humans share. He went out with her and then stabbed her in the back, by going out with her best friend and then she in turn refused to help him when he needed it, so he went and got his best friend to spread some nasty rumours and so on and so on and so on! Sheesh, why can't we just all love each other!!!!!
        I believe in dragons, good men, and other fantasy creatures.


          We aren't perfect.

          Our's not to reason why,
          Our's but to do and die:
          You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!