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Abdul Sattar was a disgrace

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    Abdul Sattar was a disgrace

    The US will attack Afghanistan come what may.
    Yes, the Government has taken a very bold and calculated step. But the performance of our Foreign Minister was a disgrace.

    "Abdul Sattar our Foreign Minister put up a miserable show on the TV when interviewed by BBC correspondent. He was nervous and apologetic. He could not conduct himself better when interviewed by CNN. When asked

    'Why is there so much anti-American feeling in Pakistan?' , he was at a loss for words. (His ugly habit on chewing on his words made it worse). This was the ideal time to point out to the American people and the World at large, that the people of Pakistan feel the the US has stabbed them in the back.

    During the Sino-Indian war in 1962, Pakistan was told not to inerfere. The US despite being our ally gave a nuclear umbrella to India, equipped 10 mountain divisions (despite Pakistan's objection that these divisions will ultimately be used
    against Pakistan).

    This finally happened in 1965.
    The US despite being our ally, stopped the supply of spare parts of F-86 fighters to Pakistan.

    Pakistan was instrumental in US/China detente . But when India invaded Pakistan in 1971, the US was watching the 'fun'.

    When Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, it was Pakistan which bore the brunt of the war and the subsequent fall out. It used us as a front line state. But when the Soviets were defeated, US abandoned us.

    Pakistan paid for the purchase of F-16 aircraft, but the 'Pressler Amendment' was invoked and the supply of the aircraft was stopped. Not only that, our money was not returned.

    The Americans follow a dual policy against the Muslims of the world.

    These are some of the reasons why the Pakistanis are against US. The American common man does not know this, and Sattar had a good chance of conveying them this information. Yet he bungled up. He looked like a complete novice. It's high time we changed him and bring in someone with
    more sense and guts like Gohar Ayub or any one else.

    That is your opinion.
    I didn't see the interview so can't say anything.

    Our's not to reason why,
    Our's but to do and die:
    You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


      Normally such interviews are preset. Abdul Sattar was obviously briefed by the Pak govt in what he could say, and what he couldnt say. Now just because english is not his first language, we cannot chew him out based on that. Try interviewing George Bush in urdu,and u will get the same result.


        Abdus Satar has excellent english what do you expect from an American agent goverment, in fact I would think his English is much better than George Bush Junior's. His only problem is that he like Musharaf, Haider,Aziz and suprisingly a lot of the goverment friendly Ulema, have decided that it is more in their interest to support America who kills muslims every week and has the worst use of violence record in the last 50 years, against muslims, for a small price which will probably only feed the IMF and not go one rupee towards the Muslim people. And who would want this blood ridden money any way from the people of Pakistan


 much ill will is not good for haazma.
          Hope for the best


            What is their to be happy with?


              Anyone who has been suffering in this world has never had much to be happy about, whether he/she lives in the US, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, or elsewhere.

              My point is, we are at a crossroads. The idea is to resolve it with as little bloodshed as possible...without making life harder for people. Hence, hope for the best.


                As i see that troops are piling on each side of the border, it seems that the situation is deteriating. I have more than hope that a solution will be reached, and I have Iman that Allah will bring a better sistuation for us. However now we are being betrayed by all the muslim leaders. As long as they prefer the interests of America to the interests of the Muslims then the situation will continue to get worse. The only practical solution is the Khilafat system, which will provide us with true independence in the military, political, cultural and economic areas from America. Since the khi;lafah was destroyed which muslim nation has had its own vision, which land has had a presence in the world. Our rulers may have nice muslim names but theitr policies are no different from when the colonialist was directly ruling us.


                  Pakistani troops have been deployed on the afghan boarder, and afghan on the pak boarder, this American puppet Musharaf is willing to spill Muslim blood for Allah’s enemy America!

                  Muhammed (saw) said “ one drop of Muslim blood is worth more to Allah than the destruction of the earth”

                  And yet Musharaf is ready to spill Muslim blood for the kufar, does he follow Allah or America (when I say he I mean the whole system in Pakistan)


                    Originally posted by muhammed kauser:
                    Muhammed (saw) said “ one drop of Muslim blood is worth more to Allah than the destruction of the earth"
                    Right, but lets not take Prophet SAWs quote in the wrong context. If you take it in the wrong context, it makes you guilty of what the US is guilty of. For America, the lives of millions of non-americans is worthless compared to the life of one american.

                    Lets analyze the other possible scenario. USA comes in and attacks Afghanistan, overflying Pak territory by force, drawing us into a war as well. That adds on to the ongoing politico-religious civil wars that we are already fighting. What do we have in the end? 10 years of fighting later, we will be where Afghanistan is right now.

                    The people of Pakistan are muslims too. And there are more muslims in Pakistan than in Afghanistan. Doesnt the government have a primary duty towards ensuring the welfare of Pakistan? The way I see it, Musharraf is NOT willing to spill muslim blood for the kuffaar. He has taken the right decisions regarding Pakistans security and stability. Lets not mix politics with Islam.

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                      Who said do not mix politics with Islam? Where do we get that idea from? This is the danger, where we start making decisions based on benefit as a criteria of right and wrong? If Islam has indeed addressed an Issue is it wrong to bring it up? Islam has addressed all issues and we all believe it so we should not say things which contradict it. The west would love it in regards to this issue if we did not refer to Islam, because they would then have the sole ownership on solutions. Thankfully the muslims reaction all across the world clearly shows that the muslims can see a strong link with whats happenning and Islam.


                        For all of you who are pro-Taliban, I am sure if Prophet Muhammad (Saw) was here at this time, he would have personally ordered the arrest of the so called muslim responsible for creating mince meat of thousands of human beings whether they were christians, jews or muslims. All of you are yelling muslim brothers this and that but there have been many conflicts between muslims (ie. right after the prophet's death but thats another story). Because Mr. Mullah Omar is willing to put the lives of 20 million starving people at risk for the sake of one man because his dear son is married to Bin Laden's daughter. If you like Taliban so much, why don't you folks go and live there. As one person wisely put it.

                        "For those who scream for the Taliban.
                        Are you willing to give up music, qawalis, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, TV dramas, Plays, Cricket, Hockey, sports in general, Basant, you walking with the female members of your family. Going to eat ice-cream with your family, having your wives, sisters, mothers drive their cars, get educated have jobs, and the list is endless. For those you are willing to give the above up for your version of Islam go ahead move across the border. I as a Pakistani am not willing to."

                        Please go and 'freely' live in Afghanistan under Taliban regime if you like. P.S. don't think of wearing shorts infront of your 'brother' Talibans if you plan to play soccer with them, unless you are already bald.

                        I regret the fact that many innocent civilians' lives are in jeopardy if the assault does come. But the overthrow of the Taliban government will in the end help the cause of the poor and starving fellow muslims trapped under this regime.

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                          AbdulHameed Khan,

                          To be honest, every military government has been a disgrace and bad omen for Pakistan. Abdul Sattar Khan is nothing but a selected person by military general. Do not focus on effect but focus on cause of all this mess.




                            Farid only Bhutto was good right?
                            Yeah right.

                            Our's not to reason why,
                            Our's but to do and die:
                            You can't fix stupid. So might as well troll them!


                              I think you have taken the ahadith out of context, not me, as I said Musharaf has given the go-ahead to America to spill the blood of Muslims there is no two ways about it, it is plain strait in your face!

                              why are you supporting this kufr government instead of supporting Islam?