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    I am a Pakistani a true Pakistani presently working in Bahrain. I have always used banking channel, never smuggled any item, leaving most modernized foreign banking available abroad I opted Pakistani unsatisfactory banking service which perforce now after 18 years in 2000 I discontinued, have always paid government dues timely. Due to this patriotism I have always used my beloved country’s airline Pakistan International Airline despite the fact due to my personal influence on other airlines of world repute operating to Pakistan I can have cheaper tickets and more incentives.

    I am at present on leave in Karachi. Due to hospitalization of my mother in law and sudden sickness of my heart patient father I had to overstay. I tried hard to get fresh booking but PIA is heavily booked. On Thursday 13th September I could get a booking for October 18th. In between this period I am told flights are heavily booked and I have been put on waiting list but there is very little chance. Reason being PIA have reduced frequency of flights and withdrew from large body planes to small planes.

    I cannot stay for such a long time upto 18th October. I am to go due to my joining duty and my child’s examination. Through separate faxes to MD PIA and Customer Relations Manager I requested to help me out to enable me to fly on 20th or 27th as in every airline there are some reserved seats kept to meet some market or urgent needs. T here are always jump seats which can be allotted (which unfortunately in case of PIA these are always occupied by some flight engineers). I further requested MD that as per practice he may help me out by getting my booking on other airline Gulf Air. But till today Sunday the 16th September no has responded me despite having my Karachi telephone.

    I am to go. I have PIA return tickets for Karachi/Bahrain. But since I am to go and I cannot risk my service and child’s education I may and will purchase Gulf Air tickets Karachi/Bahrain/Karachi. Thus what will happen coming December my wife and child will come to Karachi to celebrate Eid on Gulf Air return ticket and for re-return to Bahrain will again purchase in Karachi return Gulf Air ticket and so on which in other words end to PIA.

    Now here is a point to ponder. From 13th September to 11th October there is no seat available. This is too much load. Then why PIA does not consider increasing the frequency and big body planes? On the other hand it is doing reverse what it should do. Why does not it book and sell tickets and transfers some of its load to other airlines in which case both PIA and other airline would benefit rather than PIA fully losing sale of a ticket if one opts from the initial stage the other airline.

    Patriotism cannot be en-cashed for long and every time. Example is mine. Despite my too rigid patriotism at the end I disassociated myself from
    Pakistani bank abroad, closed my bank account from Pakistan to keep my savings now abroad with me. And if I now suffered due to non availability of seat naturally from now onward I may start thinking why should I care for PIA where I cannot get a seat for a month whereas Gulf Air is always available to me daily with better fight timings and even last end hours of my leave I can enjoy here in Pakistan whereas in case of PIA I am always to leave 2 days before end of my leave.

    Policy makers think of this. You cannot en-cash word patriotism every time. Example is “Qaraz Uttaro” of 1997 and later what happened to this appeal of patriotism in 1998. Think of it if it is not your deliberate policy to make Ops run away from Pakistan like Pakistani banks in Bahrain have adopted a policy to away the Pakistani account holders and in Pakistan banks have adopted a policy to keep the real domestic savings which are internationally recognised as back bone a country’s economy away from banks to cripple the banking in Pakistan.


    The latest development is yesterday Monday 17th September when I went to check progress on my provisional booking for 20th, I was told my provisional booking was cancelled.

    [This message has been edited by Muhammad Javed (edited September 18, 2001).]