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NAB recovers Rs 65 billion

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    NAB recovers Rs 65 billion

    ISLAMABAD, September 10 (PNS): The National Accountability Bureau (NAB has recovered more than Rs 65 billion from loan defaulters and other corrupt persons so far. "The NAB received Rs 1.2 billion through plea bargaining while courts imposed fines of Rs 2.6 billion on the convicts," highly placed sources told PNS.

    "With the help of NAB, banks had succeeded in recovering Rs 50 billion of loans while government departments got back Rs 11 billion misappropriated by corrupt elements," sources added.

    The bureau filed 356 cases in the accountability courts, they disclosed and added the courts announced verdicts in 173 cases and the accused were sentenced in 148 cases.

    Sources claimed that the accountability net had got hold of all powerful sections of society, including top politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists and heads of banks. Of the 363 cases filed in the courts by NAB, 75 are against politicians while 122 are against bureaucrats.

    They said NAB would focus its operations to detect and curb large-scale corruption in big national institutions. The thrust would be to root out white-collar crime from organizations like Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation, Pakistan International Airlines, Steel Mills, Wapda, private and public oil companies and local governments,

    "Investigations are underway in Prudential Bank, Indus Bank and Bankers Equity. NAB is also probing economic malpractice of private oil companies, which inflicted heavy losses to the country by selling expensive oil through fake billing, they said. The Bureau would further investigate the sale of contaminated oil to Pakistan after the Gulf war in 1993-94, they said and added investigations are also going on in the Ghazi Barotha land scam, in which 91,000 acres land was sold at high price. End.


    My question is who in their right minds can ask the present setup to be changed? Under PPP, PML, or whatever, not even a paisa would have been recovered. Yet you keep seeing news reports in the paper, where the political parties are calling for the return of "democracy". We have benazir ready and willing to become PM for the 3rd time. PML is launching a drive for the restoration of democracy for thebetterment of the people. ?? I mean, come on already. These people are nothing but theives.

    Most of the blame also lies with the voting public, who base their allegiance with a party and don't take into account the individual they are voting for.

    All this is very sad and depressing. I wish that it as possible to leave the current setupas it is for atleast a few more years, with limited and controlled participation of the political parties. They can't be trustedto run the country on their own

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    Nomaan you are very right.
    I dont think we need a democracy with corrupt politicians.
    I dont think WE ppl can handle a democracy. Its just too much freedom for our politicans.
    Abusing the system, their rights and making use of powers for their own sake is very common in Pakistan.
    The main problem lies behind those politicians...WE who give them votes and watch their deeds!

    Ishq bhi ho Hijaab mein husn bhi ho Hijaab mein. Ya tu khud Aaskhaar ho ya mujh ko Aaskhaar kar.
    Ain't new ta this....HOMEINVASION('93)