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Good Newz: Crackdown has BEGUN!

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    Good Newz: Crackdown has BEGUN!

    This is really good newz. I never expected them to act so earlier... anywayz, it makes me happy!!!

    Source: Dawn News (
    Crackdown on banned groups launched: 200 activists arrested

    By Asif Shahzad

    LAHORE, Aug 15: The Punjab police on Wednesday launched a crackdown on outlawed Lashkar-i-Jhangvi (LJ) and Sipah-i-Muhammad Pakistan (SMP) and arrested their 50 leaders and activists.

    It also raided Sipah-i-Sahaba (SSP) and Tehrik-i-Jafaria (TJP) offices in its search for 'terrorists'. The arrests were made in pre-dawn raids throughout the province. However, AFP quoting officials from Islamabad reported that the police arrested more than 200 people in a crackdown against two organizations throughout the country. It said heavy police contingents raided residences of the suspects, mainly in the central Punjab, scene of recurring violence and sectarian killings.

    The TJP head office in Lahore was sealed whereas sub-offices were raided by heavy police contingents accompanied by members of Elite Force and commandos, our reporter continues. Sources said the head office was sealed following information of an intelligence agency that the premises was being used by its splinter group, the SMP. However, the authorities concerned later allowed re-opening of the head office when the TJP leadership lodged strong protest.

    The SSP head office in Shahdara, Lahore, was also raided. Residences of the SSP and TJP leadership and their workers were also raided. During the operation, police seized 'objectionable' literature from the offices and residences of the leaders and workers. Of the arrests, 24 were made in Lahore. They included (from SSP) Qari Mohammad Aalam Zahid, Abdul Malik, Qari Mohammad Zubair, Qari Abdul Qayyum, Ghulam Mujtaba, Mohammad Munir, Qari Mohammad Younus, Qari Abdul Raof, Mohammad Tariq, Maulana Mohammad Mujahid and Tipu Sultan.

    The SMP activists included Syed Hassan Abbas, Jameel, Naukar Hussain, Asif Ali, Mohammad Riaz Haider, Ishfaq Ali Nana, Sadiq Ali, Syed Bashir Hussain, Munir Iqbal, Mubashar Hussain, Tasaddaq Hussain, Bashir Hussain and Shabbir Hussain.

    A Punjab police official told Dawn that fate of those arrested would be decided at a meeting late on Wednesday night. "Those who are not wanted in any case will be released."

    The official claimed that the police had nothing to do with the SSP or TJP but their offices were raided just in search of the members of their splinter groups, the LJ and the SMP. He said the crackdown might continue till the arrest of members of the two groups besides the recovery of illegal weapons. However, a Punjab police spokesman denied raids on SSP and TJP offices. "The raids were only meant for the LJ and the SMP activists," he added.

    MINISTER'S VERSION:"The crackdown is aimed at unearthing support of the two organizations which have been banned by the government," Punjab's Religious Affairs Minister Tahir Ashrafi told AFP.

    "We will release the people who have no links with the militant groups," Ashrafi said, adding that some of the detainees were freed after they furnished surety bonds that they would not maintain links with the banned groups. They have also promised to immediately inform police if they come across any member of the banned outfits, he added. TJP chief Sajid Naqvi said police had also sealed his residence in Lahore and whisked away hundreds of his supporters.

    He said: "This is totally unwarranted," adding that TJP was not involved in sectarian violence.

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    About time!


      Nice one... I am really happy.....


        Thanks to the God. Atlast police is now able to take action against these groups.

        "Away from Eyes......Close to Heart"