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'Pakistan establishes credibility with donors'

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    'Pakistan establishes credibility with donors'

    When I was in Karachi few months back I asked my friend who runs an auto spare parts shop if he pays taxes? Yes he said but I do evade taxes as much as I can, some times I pay nothing. I asked him about Govt. drive to net tax evaders. The kind of language he used against Musharraf was unbelivable. Basically he was saying that no govt. has any right to collect taxes. Another friend who is in property business beat up a tax inspector just because the poor guy asked him some questions about his property.

    Only one percent pay taxes what do you expect from the govt. I think Mushrraf should raise a force just to collect taxes at gun point from the likes of above.
    Any one who don't want to pay taxes can leave Pak and find a place where he/she don't have to.

    'Pakistan establishes credibility with donors'
    .......ISLAMABAD : The present Pakistani government has established its credibility with the international creditors by introducing firm economic reforms, which successive regimes failed to undertake, the recent edition of leading journal 'The Economist' said. It said in an article on country's economy that the government of President General Pervez Musharraf had pleased the international lenders "by backing firm measures of the sort democratic governments shy away from."
    .......The article cited the general sales tax imposed on retail trade and strong attitude towards tax-evaders saying that these measures yielded an increase of nearly 50 billion rupees in revenue in the fiscal year that ended on June 30.
    ......."State-run enterprises are being knocked into shape," it said. "The banks are pruning staff and defaulters are being told to pay or face arrest," it added.
    .......The Economist said the privatisation of the telephone company and other enterprises should raise up to $3 billion in the next 18 months, most of which will be used to cut the foreign debt.
    ......."The generals have not even spared their own: defence spending has been frozen at about 130 billion rupees, despite a 36 percent jump in the nominal military budget of Pakistan's main adversary, India, in the past two years.
    .......These measures, it said, have helped cut the deficits to 5.3 percent of GDP in fiscal 2000 from 6.4 percent the year before.
    .......The article quoted a World Bank report as saying that Pakistan's "credibility as a borrower has been established. The World Bank plans to lend $700 million on soft terms.
    ......."For the first time in a decade Pakistan has qualified for a second instalment of a loan from the IMF. Indeed, it hopes to get
    .......$1 billion a year from the Fund for the next two or three. years."
    .......Pakistan's reward for all this virtue "is a flow of credit and rescheduling that has staved off default."-APP

    our ppl will never learn..on 1 side they say gov. is not doing anything for them...high prices, low salaries, and corruption... but then on the other hand they themselves are not helping the gov. like u mentioned, only 1% pay whoz the corrupt one?...itz not just the gov, but ppl are equally responsible 4 whatever is goin on in pakistan and where it standz 2day...

    'a country is by ppl and ppl are not by the country'...

    thanx 4 sharing this info...
    God bless u, and may bless ppl of pakistan with some sense and responsibility...


    muhabatein theen kabhi apne dermian kitni...
    bicha gaye hai anna hum mein doorian kitni...
    abhi to toota hai dil hi teri judai mein...
    girein gi hum pe abhi aur bijlian kitni...


      I think Mushrraf should raise a force just to collect taxes at gun point from the likes of above.

      I have seen the military escorting tax inspectors in places like Karachi and Pesahwar. People soon start paying their taxes when they see a bit of muscle. But any force must be measured and in proportion to the resistance offered. People must pay their taxes, and any refusal to pay them must be met with the full force of the law.