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"Once Upon in India" --- wud luv to c it!

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    "Once Upon in India" --- wud luv to c it!

    Personally, I would love to see this project materialize! Hope he succeeds!

    Source: Pakistan Link (Site)
    Writer asks media men to bring people of India, Pakistan closer.
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    ISLAMABAD: After half a century of hate and wars between Pakistan and India, the ice has finally started melting and the signs of peace are visible on the horizon of Asia, famous Pakistani writer, producer and director Rauf Khalid has said.

    "We feel that now it is our responsibility to play our role as media men to bring the people of both sides closer," he told newsmen in a local hotel here on Thursday evening.

    "We are picking up process from the point of the signals initiated by Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee and embraced by President General Pervez Musharraf. The joint declaration that could not be signed included a few steps towards peace," he added.

    Rauf Khalid said that bringing the people of the two countries together through cultural activities was one of the stepping stones. A large number of Indian media men, particularly from the film industry, have announced through newspapers that they would seize every opportunity to work in any joint production, he said.

    "We are opening our arms to offer the legends of Indian cinema roles that best suit them in our 75mm full length English feature film Once Upon in India to be starred by famous Indian and Pakistani actors and actresses," the movie producer informed.

    "It is going to be the first ever multi-million dollar project of a Pakistani production company. Most of the funding has been arranged from overseas, including the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. However, the entire earning from this film will come to Pakistan to help the country's ailing economy," Rauf Khalid said.

    The producer said that the purpose of the project is definitely commercial but to give a chance to find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue, "we must try something other than arms."

    "We are confident that the joint production efforts will bring the best possible change to the subcontinent's film industry", he maintained.

    Rauf Khalid said the far-eastern cinema (Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong) has made billions of dollars in the last few years from joint productions in English language. "This is the time to claim our share from Hollywood," he said.