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Targeted Merciless Killings in Pakistan

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    Targeted Merciless Killings in Pakistan

    This is not a new feature in Pakistan. I have seen this is going on since my childhood. In Ayub era, the killings were mostly selective and organized. The targeted personalities were mostly high ranking officials e.g. Police and judiciary. Though the killings were few but the killers were never known and never caught. As time passed the killing were followed straight line equation. These merciless killings were at peak during General Zia's regime, so called Amirul-Mominin. During his days, the reign of terror started with "Hathora Group' (Hammer Group), which used hammers to smash the heads of shelterless people all over Karachi during night hours when those poor people were sleeping. Perhaps hundreds of people were smashed but the killers were never caught. The sphere of killings was enhanced which included political personalities who were opposing the general. I can quote at least few examples

    Maulana Ariful Hussaini

    Mohammad Fazil Rahoo ( A Sindhi activist, always struggled for downrodden, very poor population of rural Sindh)

    Besides these killings there were many whose murders were mystry. The killers were never booked. Though Zia himself was a victim of his own medicine when a missile hit his butt during flying over Kohistan desert. (Jaisee Karnee Waisee Bharnee)

    Later on killings of Hakim Saeed, Mohammad Ismail Memon and many others on the pretext of sectorial killings are still mystries. Who are these killers? Where they hide that our Army on which government spent 90% of the budget can not catch these *******s.
    It is matter of great concern that these targeted killings have never been a motivational force for Paki leaders to focus on this serious issue and catch hold of the killers. It seemed from their cold hearted behavior, that they themselves or their agencies are involved in such cold blooded murders. May Allah inflict the same fate on them and their near and dear ones so that they can feel the pain of sorrow and sadness in their heart till their death.