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    This is a funny funny article I found at some hindu website! I didnt know where to put it at. So here it is!!!

    By: J. Kathe
    Editorial: 12-23-00

    Fakhr Hameed, the webmaster of the official paki website,, has insolently challenged all Indian IT professionals to "dare" and hack down the site he runs ! In his words," no one has dared to hack into the site,and nobody ever will" . He says, we are incompetent to even crash his servers, let alone the domains of paki sites ! Such Indiaphobic rhetoric (!), despite the fact that we stand fabled in the world today, for the output of our IT talent,which is second to none .. And in spite of this fact, the pakis,who are but a frustrated and a miserable lot have no shame trying to drag us down to their own pathetic levels of technology and culture ! For all practical purposes, Hameeds childish blabber merits no response at all ; but even so, this editorial is an exhortation to all patriotic Hindus to really sit up straight and put his foolish words back into his mouth . We do have the capacity, and we shall do it !! The Kashmir saga which Pakistan has so ruthlessly authored shall be continued in the cyber domain too

    And in this territory, the corruption ridden eyes of sundry politicians shall not interfere and mess things up . What is to prevent a battery of our patriots to go after the likes of hameed and his tribe ? It wont be a far-fetched dream to state that patriotic Hindu organizations should organize covert schools dedicated to just this one single purpose.

    Is it a crime or a sin to fight and defend ones Holy land with whatever weapon that might be at hand ? Our IT talent can be, and shall be used as a weapon against the enemies of our Hindu heritage .. Just look O countrymen at the bleeding frontiers of Kashmir and visualize the horrors perpetrated by the tumor of Pakistan, on the defenseless Hindus living there ; and yet, simply glance at what such paki sites have to say about that whole sad issue !!!! Verily, it is a sin to let any such anti-Hindu website survive for even a minute !

    O Hindu nation .. Arise and hackle down the falsehood that Pakistan would have the world believe ; hackle down the sources of ALL Hindu abuse that spring forth from the corrupted territory that is Pakistan

    Our country needs us

    Awaken Bharata ..!!!

    [email protected]