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General, Chief Executive, President Musharraf

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    General, Chief Executive, President Musharraf

    General, Chief Executive, President Musharraf

    Become Muslim and be saved. If not, accept protection from us and pay the Jizya. If not, I shall come against you with men who love death as you love to drink wine
    Khalid ibn al-Walid (ra) letter to the Persians 633 CE

    We are ready for talks. Anytime, anywhere and at any level
    General Pervaiz Musharraf message to the Indian Prime Minister 2001 CE

    First he was a General. Then he became Chief Executive. Now he is the President. On Wednesday 20th June 2001 Pervaiz Musharraf was sworn into the position of President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, watched over by the current High Commissioner of India. In fact the Indian government wasted little time in recognising the new President, becoming one of the first countries to do so. Already the Indians had stated that they recognise the General as the Pakistani head of state and this coupled with the attendance of their High Commissioner at the swearing in ceremony indicates that they recognise Musharrafs Presidency.

    The position of President formerly belonged to Rafiq Tarar who speaking from his hometown of Lahore said that he had only been informed of this move a few days prior to being removed. Musharraf made two amendments to the Provisional Constitutional Order, which had allowed Tarar to continue in his position as President after the military coup in 1999 and then declared himself President with immediate effect - all this ironically in an attempt to bring himself legitimacy as a leader, in light of Julys summit with Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee.

    If one were to examine the motives behind such moves then the true nature of the betrayal of the Ummah would become apparent. For some time now the Indian and Pakistani governments have been readying their people in order to come to a lasting peaceful solution regarding the Kashmir issue. To this end the rulers of Pakistan have undertaken an elaborate campaign that has involved convincing the Pakistani people that they can no longer afford the financial cost of war in Kashmir, obtaining damning statements of Mujahideen groups from government ulema and the removal of specific ayat from educational syllabi. They have even furthered the promotion of Indian culture through various cable channels to convince the Ummah of their shared heritage with Hindu mushrikeen, through the coining of terms such as the Indus Valley Civilisation.

    However Musharraf faced an obstacle. His political opponents and more importantly the international opinion was that he is not yet a legitimate leader having taken power via a coup detat, as evidenced by Pakistans suspension from the Commonwealth and pressure from other countries like Britain to implement democracy in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Thus in order to gain legitimacy for the India-Pakistan summit Musharraf assumed the position of President. This would allow him greater success in the abandonment of Jihad; the selling of the Muslim land to the mushrikeen and the betrayal of every Muslim who once thought this man valued the blood spilt by the mujahideen in Kashmir. This from a man once hailed as a hero for his fighting in the region he now goes to give away. From the viewpoint of those who care about the pleasure of Allah (swt), the taking of the Presidency by Musharraf is but another move in a twisted effort to capitulate where Allah (swt) forbade capitulation. It is worth taking note that those most pleased with this turn of events were the far right Hindu Nationalist BJP ruling party in India who stated that they would lay down for Musharraf a welcome fitting for a head of state.

    Let us examine some of the first words issued by Pakistans latest President:

    In my entire career I have never done anything for myself. God has been kind and continues to be kind to me. I bow my head before Him for all the bounties he has showered on me. I will bow in more humility as I rise

    Allah (swt), the Supreme, whom you claim humbleness before has obligated the liberation of all occupied Islamic lands.

    The Pakistani Interior Minister was more blatant when he said:

    It will not be permitted for anyone to bear arms whether they are affiliated to any mujahid or religious group. And it will not be allowed to force people to give donations and buy weapons in the name of Jihad. He then added, There is no Jihad existing in Kashmir or Pakistan.

    Statements such as these demonstrate that the Pakistani government do not care for the command of Allah (swt) and also took part in the priming of the people of Pakistan for the summit, paving the way for peace by alienating those who yearn for the liberation of Kashmir at the hands of the army of the Islamic Khilafah.

    It is the case that until now the position of President was little more than a figurehead for the Republic of Pakistan, mostly used in ceremonies. This has changed now with Musharraf seeking to utilise the position on the world arena. Pakistan has been forced through international pressure to at least state that it wishes to return to democratic rule and the Supreme Court had declared October 2002 as the time for the next general elections. It is also widely known that Musharraf after returning the country to democracy sought the position of President rather than merely fading into history; in fact he stated as much. This move was brought forward for the summit; Musharraf intends to stay and be much more than a figurehead for ceremonies.

    Will the Muslims of the world stand and watch as another of their rulers discards Allahs (swt) Shariah and makes peace with Allahs (swt) enemy? Musharraf can declare himself Chief Executive, President or even Emperor of a prehistoric Indus Valley civilisation. The only declaration the Ummah of Muhammad (saw) are interested in is the declaration of the Amir ul-Mumineen, the Khalifah of the Muslims.

    Baber Qureshi

    Source: Khilafah Magazine July 2001 Edition

    Muhammed Kauser

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    Dost, you have your opinion or not,..everything you copy from Khilafah Magazine.Try to give us your views,...personal views,...I shall appreciate....You seems to be the Khilafah Magazine's spokeperson,..dost.
    Please start your own message or opinion or anything.
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    A Faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.