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Indo?pak cyber wars another vijay for India (haha)

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    Indo?pak cyber wars another vijay for India (haha)

    Cyberwars: Is it a lull before the storm?



    NEW DELHI: Virtual borders seemed quieter. But the lull in cyberwars during the build-up to the Musharraf visit was not in anticipation of peace. More a coincidence, say the Silver Lords, hackers supreme from Pakistan.

    In the none-too-comfortable aftermath of the summit, however, there is residual bonhomie. Departing from the usual diatribe against the Prime Minister that Pakistani hackers indulge in, the Silver Lords, in an e-interview, have a good word for Atal Bihari Vajpayee: "Mr Vajpayee is a good human being. But people in the Cabinet? No way. And he himself cannot do without them."

    The Pakistan president is an outright hero. Clearly impressed with Musharraf, the Silver Lords say he is a popular leader in Pakistan and is seen as having "put in his best to get this thing (Kashmir) over with." Also, that Musharraf can talk peace because "he has the power to do it."

    The number of Indian sites that have been defaced recently has decreased, confirms Srijith, who monitors hacking of Indian sites on the website "I am not sure whether it has anything to do with the meeting of Musharraf and Vajpayee. To say it is because of the peace intiative may be too farfetched an assumption."

    The lull folows a torrid period earlier this year when more than 600 Indian websites were hacked in a bloodless but none-the-less violent series of attacks. At the forefront has been the Silver Lords, a seven-member group of Pakistani teenagers who go by screen names like macviz, MaDDoNa, Lord Choo3s, ScorpionKTX, fOul, MiRiNdA and Packeted. The Silver Lords leave their signature on the sites they deface, an image and the legend: "Silver Lords: For the Freedom of Kashmir."

    A relatively new army in the hacking field, the Silver Lords have notched up an impressive array of scalps this year, including a few government sites. And in one week's blitzkrieg in April, they devastated 23 Indian sites.

    As expected, the group advocates self-determination for the people of Kashmir. "Kashmir is a disputed territory and should be settled according to the UN resolution. If not, India and Pakistan should come to it through direct negotiations. Our preference, a vote for the Kashmiris."

    Mac or macviz, a member of the group, says with a diplomacy that belies the image of the teenage hacker that he claims to be: "We are surely for peace. We want a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir dispute and boost trade relations with India. For war is not the solution."

    All that talk about peace, however, does not mean a permanent truce. The Silver Lords promise to be back at what they do best. Mac warns: "If we get hold of any vulnerable Indian site, it will end up like the others."

    Indian sites, he says, are very easy targets. "When mailed to the admins, they make fun of us rather than listen and get their servers fixed so that this does not happen again. They leave us with no other choice but to show our presence."

    The war being waged on Indian sites would seem to indicate virulent hatred. But, say the Silver Lords, they are "not terribly anti-India. Sometimes the comments that come from your press p***** us off. Nothing personal."

    And just in case you got it all wrong, mac signs off: "We are not terrorists. We just want to get the message across."

    The funny thing is that there is no website by the name of


      most prob. ... is that site
      He was a self made man who owed his lack of success to nobody.
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